Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The List #23: List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them

So I've been in somewhat of a funk, creatively speaking, as of late. I think it's because my entire soul is consumed with my child, and I also think that's okay. But I'd really like to get back on track by writing and taking photos again because it's what makes me happy. 

With that being said, I'm going to finally finish The List that I started a million moons ago! If you missed the last 22, click on the link to see what I've written in the past. If you're up to speed, then join me on the final quest. 

23. List your Top 5 hobbies and why you love them. 
[In no particular order]

5. Singing. 
Oh I love singing. So much. Like, so much. I've been annoying everyone around me since I discovered my ability to belt a tune back in the Disney movie days. I sing in the shower, in the car, in the movie theater, at work, at the gym, on runs...basically all the time. And I often fantasize about winning American Idol when I do it. Because I'm really cool and you can't deny that. It's become more of a hobby than a skill because I basically only sing to the radio or Pandora. Or to the Frozen soundtrack. No shame.

4. Crafting
I love me some DIY projects. If not for Pinterest appearing in the last 3 years, I would just be a plain 'ole mom of 1 who spends her time watching marathon runs of Breaking Bad on Netflix. Er...I guess I do that anyway...
Moving on. 
Here are just a few of my most popular DIY projects from the blog. 

3. Photography
This is a controversial issue right now...okay, controversial might be the wrong word; let's go with "up in the air". Mainly because everyone - and I say that relatively - has access to badass cameras now days. But the main theme among us folks who call themselves photographers is that the camera doesn't make the image. You can take a breathtaking photo with your camera phone if you pick the right subject, lighting, and composition. Now, that's not to say I have "the eye" for photography, but I like to think I do. Mainly because people have paid me to take their pictures. Again, does that qualify me as a "photographer"? Up in the air. The main point is that I love taking pictures. Ask anyone close to me and they'll tell you that I've had a camera in my hands since I knew what a camera was. My first amazing camera was a cheap Polaroid that my grandparent's got me for Christmas. Since then I've owned approximately 40 different digital cameras (that estimation is a little high, but not too far off), not to mention the countless "disposable" cameras. I could go on about photography and why I consider myself a photographer, but that's a post for a later date. Here are some of my favorite images I've ever taken. 
 2. Playing Piano
Let me preface this by saying the following: I'm terrible at piano. It's not because I'm not talented or because of a lack of coordination, it's because I'm lazy. And I dropped out of piano lessons when I should have listened to my parents and just pushed through and actually practiced. So now I'm stuck playing the same songs over and over because I don't have enough time to relearn everything there is to know about piano while subsequently regretting not listening to my parents when they told me to not be a quitter. C'est la vie.

1. Being a mom and aunt
I added a new hobby to the list when my nephew was born. And then another when my daughter was born. And then came my second nephew. Being a mom/aunt is similar because my sister and I are really close and we have both agreed that in our absence [like, the other room], the other is totally allowed to go "mom" on the kid if something goes awry. Though my nephews are perfect, as is my daughter, so we don't really have to worry about that silliness.

Some of you who don't have children might be all, "uh, that's not a hobby." But I'll be damned if something that I put so much heart, soul, and time into isn't considered a hobby-slash-full time job. Nothing is more important to me than being a good mom and aunt.

So there you have it, folks. One of these days I might just finish this list! Until then -

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