Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DIY: Target Lamp Makeover!

And we're on to 
of my DIY extravaganza!

You can see PART ONE here for the fabric flowers I used in this exponentially cute Lamp Makeover!

And Now.......we're marchin' on to my 
I registered at Target for my baby shower[s], and in return, they sent me a TWENTY DOLLAR gift card. 
That is like receiving an adorable, tiny, kitten in the mail.
Or a block of gold.
Only better.

They do this to lure idiots like me into their store, I hope you know. Because I went there to buy a lamp for Adelaide's room and came out with NINETY DOLLARS worth of merchandise.
[I'm a sucker, what can I say.]

Anyway, I bought the world's most boring lamp with the intent of adding some Mallory Magic to it.

See: Boring Lamp
InsertMallory Magic

DIY: Lamp Makeover!

Materials Needed:
Plain 'ole lamp [with whatever color of shade you choose]
Spray Paint for lamp base
Spray Sealant
Painters/packing tape
Fabric Flowers or any kind of embellishment you choose
Remove Lampshade & tape off top of base [paying special attention to the part where the lightbulb screws in - you don't want to get paint up in there]. 
 STEP TWO: [optional]
Spray that shiz. I did a base coat of white primer, but I don't think that's really necessary. I actually think it would've went better if I had skipped this step, mostly because that primer tends to attract ANY SORT OF DUST lurking in the area. And when you're spray painting in your garage, you're likely to find a lot of dust. 
Spray with your chosen base color. I went with a blue to match my fabric. I recommend three to four coats, but you can use your best judgement. It barely takes any paint, so you might as well coat it as much as you can.

Spray with a glossy acrylic sealer. Do AT LEAST three coats on this. [Optional] I also sprayed with some glitter spray, but it wasn't terribly visible, so I think that was probably a waste of time. 

Meanwhile, as your lamp base is drying....

Glue [I used hot glue] your embellishments [see my tutorial for the fabric flowers I used below] to your shade. I did these slightly off-center. 

When your base is fully dry [I gave it at least an hour outside in the heat], remove your tape & secure your shade to the base. 

You have no idea how happy I am with how this lamp turned out. I didn't spend much over $15 for this entire project [I had the spray paint & sealer lying around, as well as the fabric from samples I had bought for the nursery], and it turned out SO stinking cute. It adds just the right amount of color I wanted for Addi's room and it makes me smile just looking at it!

Hope you enjoyed this latest addition to my baby girl's nursery!
Click here to see my fabric flower tutorial!


  1. So cute! I got the same lamp from Target and was thinking about doing something to jazz it up. Don't know that the bf will go for the flowers, but it's good to know what kind of paint will work on the base!

    1. Thanks, Abbey!! You can always leave the shade plain, or maybe glue ribbon of whatever color matches your bedroom set [or decor in whatever room the lamp's going in] on the edges of the shade. There's tons of options to embellish! This one just worked best with the nursery.


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