Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gender Reveal!

I'm sorry it took me so long to get this post up! It's been a crazy past few weeks
Exciting, but a bit crazy! 

A couple of weeks ago we had our 19-week sonogram which also included the gender reveal! I commend those who can wait the entire 10 months to find out the sex of their baby but I am not one of those people. I have  to know!! Mainly because it drives me crazy to call my unborn child "it". I like to call him/her by name! It makes it a little more real for me. :)

So here's how we did the reveal:
My parents came into the sono room with us. I wanted them to be the ones who had the secret this time around, as hard as it was for them! The sono tech did the gender parts last, so we turned away and she silently showed them the parts. Luckily it was very easy to see, I was really worried the little one wouldn't cooperate!

The night before I had made cupcakes. I got a box of the funfetti ones from Walmart for $1. One dollar, people. I also got a thing of icing for $1.50. The thing that cost the most was the candy to fill the inside of the cupcakes. Instead of doing M&M's, I found a chocolate candy that was similar and did a red & blue. Total investment for the cupcakes was about $15 (the candy was ridiculously expensive. If we were doing this again, I would have dyed icing instead, much cheaper!). Compared to the $50 bucks that some places charge, this was a steal. 

Anyway, when we got home from the sono, my mom and dad filled the inside of the cupcakes (I had cut out the middle of them the night before) with the appropriate color of candies and then iced them! 
They turned out so cute and they were super tasty! 

Another fun last minute addition I decided to do was the clothespins. I saw this idea on Pinterest. The one I saw painted the appropriate color on, but I wanted something quicker (I had already baked cupcakes and made an entire spaghetti dinner for the crockpot!) so we just wrote the name in sharpie. One side said "Charlotte" and the other side said "William". I asked everyone to choose which they thought it was and pin it to their shirt!
 I was sure it was going to be a girl, for karmic reasons.

Turns out it was a.....

Addi: "Uh ma, can you get me one of those spare cupcakes?" 

Mav enjoyed the reveal more than anyone else. 

We did a small gathering, just our parents and brothers/sisters. It was perfect! I didn't want to make it a big hairy deal, just something quick and fun (since we're stopping at 2 kiddos).

I really should have done a tutorial for the cupcakes but it was super simple. I just kind of winged it anyway. There are lots of tutorials available on Pinterest if you're interested in saving some money and going this route!

We're super excited to have a little boy...a new challenge for us! I'm 21 weeks tomorrow so I'm more than halfway done. September will be here before we know it!

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