Wednesday, September 19, 2012

tales of the funnies

I've done a lot of laughing as of late.
It's my number one, handsdownwithoutafreakingdoubt, favorite thing to do in life.

I laugh loud. And sometimes I make this weird horse-like noise.
It just comes out..

Things that make me laugh:

When you find a pair of majestic boots and suddenly figure out why there are two zippers.
"OH. MY. GOD, sister, they're EXPANDABLE!"
[this was what caused the tears in Kohl's I spoke of yesterday]

When you ask your sister to pour you some more water and she spills it everywhere
Because of course, you're at a play, in a really nice theater, and you want to cause a scene there, too.


When you say something stupid and there's really no other way to recover.

When someone else says something stupid and you want to make the situation less awkward.

 When you say something hilarious, which - let's face it - is all the time.

When your phone starts ringing and plays a voicemail from your insurance agent instead of your KU ringtone. And there's no way to change it.

When you end a sentence with "good God, I'm funny."
You have to laugh, just to prove your own point.

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  1. Hahahahaha! This post made me laugh again. God, we're hilarious... Ha.


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