Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY: Canvas

 Happy [I totally despise] Monday!!
The weekend has flown by.

*crosses arms*
I think it's safe to say I definitely have a case of the Mondays today.
Anyway, in an attempt to brighten my mood, I decided to blog.

As most of you know, this past weekend was Mother's day.
Now, I had every intention of staying home since it would be the only weekend I could do so for the next month or two.
Saturday morning I woke up and got to work on the disaster that was our room.
Between me going to KC & back and Matt to  Orlando
our room was littered with suitcases, dirty clothes, and clothes that needed to be put away.
All of which I was ignoring with diligence.
Not to mention the closet's worth of clothes we had hanging up in the laundry room.

I had also intended on cleaning
-which didn't happen-
but it was a nice thought.
 Instead I napped for a couple of hours after I finally got the laundry under control.
Kind of a step in the opposite direction, but totally worth it.
And when I finally awoke from my mid-day slumber, I took a shower.
Good ideas always come to you in the shower.
I'm thinking...
what should I wear
should I put makeup on?
can I wear pajamas all night long? 
In order to determine the answers to these questions, I had to figure out what we were doing
which just so happened to be absolutely nothing.
And then I thought...
well Megh, Adam & Max will be in Topeka tonight
and that was that.

I ask Matt in the sweetest voice I can muster..
'What do you want to do tonight?'
'I dunno'
we could go to Topeka.'
'What my baby wants, my baby gets'
 with the one stipulation that we go to Lawrence for Freestate on Sunday. 
Easy compromise.
Aaaaand a half an hour later we were headed east.
 It was a short drive compared to the one to KC.
And that one isn't even all that bad.
We went to dinner at Longhorn
and were probably the loudest group there 
as usual
due to our overall family hilariousness
and super-interesting stories
and cooing over Max
even when he's just sleeping in his car seat.

I had a point to all of this..
I made a super-awesome-fun gift for my sister's very first Mother's day.
[Tutorial below]

Things I would do differently:

Skip the scrapbook paper for edges. 
Just use the black paint & cover it. It will save time and I think it would look better.

Print the photo myself on card stock
The gloss was a little much [the mod podge kinda takes care of that for you]. 

speaking of - 
Use Matte mod podge.
It would give a more antique look.

I might even try using a dark brown paint instead of black, or possibly shoe polish?


Since I had planned on not being in Topeka this weekend, I shipped [USPS] my Ma's gift & the one above to Megh. 
Turns out the mod podge didn't hold out too well. The top picture must have sat too long on the middle one. It got stuck on the mp and tore it a bit. Nothing I can't fix, but it was still irritating. 
Suggestion? Use wax paper to separate the canvases if they're going to sit for a while on each other. 


As per our agreement, we went to Lawrence Sunday morning [despite it being graduation weekend] and played disc with Michelle & Nick. Afterward we went to Freestate for lunch, which was amazing as always. 

And I drove home [another stipulation in the agreement]
but we had to stop at Steve & Linda's to see everyone

And when we finally got home, I took Kenz out to take some photos.
She told me that she wants to be a photographer when she gets older
and Matt & I had this old camera just sitting around not getting any use
which is now in her possession.

I showed her the bells & whistles and then left her to making her art.
 We had fun at the park taking pictures of random objects.
There were a ton of people there for graduation parties, but it didn't make it any less fun,
it was perfect weather.  

Well, luckily Monday is almost over. Less than three hours and I'm done for the day.

Here's to a much less annoying Tuesday - 


  1. Sister, your mother's day gift was amazing! I can't wait to hang them in the new house! They will look AWESOME!

  2. Love the gifts you made..also love this blog..I went to KU & now live in's nice to see & read about home


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