Monday, March 12, 2012

She's about to POP!

That's the best description I've got for the whirlwind weekend I just had.
But first....
In preparation of this weekend.
 I made jolly rancher suckers for the "thank you for coming" gifts for the shower.

All you need: 2 bags jolly rancher (you use two per sucker), a bag of popsickle sticks (I got mine at HL), treat bags (also from HL), and ribbon in your color. 
Heat the oven to 275, bake for 5 minutes
Put the stick in and kind of twist it so it covers the edge of the stick, 
and voila! 
 I covered the Styrofoam wreath in tulle and then used an exacto knife to cut out little holes for the sticks to go through. I printed off the "Thanks for popping by" circle and cut out each.

And I made a cheery wreath for my aunt's birthday:

 For Megh's gift, I found a great idea on pinterest and gave it my own spin.
The downloads can be found here.
 Here's what I put in there: 
deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, brush, makeup remover towelettes, moist towelettes, altoids, KU headband, hair ties, bobby pins, waterproof mascara, shampoo, B&B wash & lotion, a loofah, hairspray, and contact solution. And, of course, a bag to hold it all. 
It's great because if you don't want to spend as much you can eliminate a few things and it's still a fantastic gift. 
OH and the candy! The best part. Sour patch kids, reese's mini's, and Funyuns. 

 And Kenz & I made cake batter pops (recipe)
 Which were a lot of work....
but worth it.
Alright, so now onto the shower.
I sent out the invites I made last month:
[comment below if you would like me to personalize this for you]

And I made this wreath -
using floral pins (HL), balloons, pipe cleaners and a styrofoam wreath.
and designed & printed this off to put in the middle:
 The decor turned out great!
I used these labels for the food:
and I made the flag banner with "POP!" on it out of felt & yarn.
The lanterns are from oriental trading company
 And Megh was definitely "showered" with gifts. In fact, I think it was raining cats & dogs.
I had a fantastic time with the decorations and the baking (there was a slight issue with the cake batter balls, but I won't get into that). 
We played games, too.  Which I didn't get pictures of (fail) but here are the sites I found one from:
Paper Bag game and this is the answer sheet I made for them:

 And the other was Erin's idea:
  And I had everyone fill out a "wishes for baby", another idea from Pinterest. The original files to download can be found here.

 I drove down on Friday night and got a majority of the decorating done with Mom & then I hit the second half of Drew's musical. 
We went Saturday night, too after the shower. 
I was SO freaking proud of my brother. 
He had a pretty big part and he even [spoiler alert] had to act out his own death! Gah! 

Just like the first time I saw Drewy on the field in marching band, I was an incredibly proud big sister watching him up there on stage! 

It was incredibly nostalgic, as it is every year, to watch these kids have a ball up there. I wanted to jump up there and dance with them, though I'm pretty sure it would have been frowned upon.
I got a TON of pictures and got some good use out of my picture-tastic zoom lens.
 And again, it took about an hour to upload the pictures I already have on here, so I'm going to direct you to my FB album to save time. 

Sunday my friend, Ashley, had a baby shower as well. I did the same gift for her with a few minor differences. 
and she's having a little girl, so of COURSE I had to make her a tutu!

Man. That was a long post. 

What a fantastic weekend it was.
And I am exhausted.
I wanted to get caught up on my shows last night so I stayed up way later than I should have.
So tonight, I'm going to be lame and go to bed at like 9.

Hope you all had a great weekend & I will resume my "list" tomorrow when I get my head clear (and rested). 


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