Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Projects

Today I woke up with the most frightening hair I have ever seen.

I typically expect this when I go to bed with wet hair, but this morning was the worst it's ever been.

Seriously, I was startled when I looked in the mirror.

I also woke up in a state of confusion, wondering what day it was. It took me a good 5 minutes to actually figure out what day it was, believing that yesterday was actually Monday and I didn't have the typical Monday duties to look forward to doing.

False. That was incorrect thinking. It is, in fact, Monday.
Learning this sucked.

This weekend had it's ups and downs. I'll skip to the ups.

Friday night in Maryville, catching up with family & laughing [a lot].

Saturday night in KC, eating at Houlihan's, over-staying our welcome at Buy Buy Baby, watching SNL & relaxing.

Sunday morning brunch at the Egg & I, chatting on the phone, walking the dog, & tacos.

And since I've given the gifts I was talking about earlier, I can share my DIY projects as well.

Tass had a birthday recently, and last time Megh was in town we crafted a gift for her. Megh wanted to learn how I made my ornament wreaths, so we had a hands-on Saturday in Salina.

I tore up HL after Christmas to take full advantage of their 80% off Christmas Sale! I got some great ornaments for this wreath, a lot of which were very big. I loved that some of the ornaments were much bigger; I thought it gave this wreath a lot of depth. Because of the varying sizes of the ornaments, I didn't think it needed a center piece.
Gorgeous, right?! And we had a ball making it. [pun intended]

Next up was a wall hanging for my main man, Max. I am officially head over heels for this child who has yet to be born [yes, the jigs he did this weekend added to it]. Not to spoil anything, but the theme of this little one's bedroom is most likely going to be sports, and since Steve is convinced that he will one day become a pro baseball player, I HAD to make him something that revolved around baseball.

I found this idea on Pinterest [of course].
I LOVED the idea of painting the letters to look like a baseball. Awesome. But I tweaked the overall design a little.
I started off with these letters from HL - they're like cardboard, but thicker? I'm not sure how to describe them. But, best of all - they were 1.99 a piece! I bought some white paint & coated them. That took probably 5 or 6 coats because I wanted a really good base to work with.  After that, I took a large lid from a cookie tin we got for Christmas and traced along the edge with a thin paintbrush & red paint [already had that from my Grinch poster]. That took several coats as well. The lines aren't perfect, but it looks fine.
After that, I made the stitching lines, which in some are kind of off balance, but oh well. No use crying over spilled milk.
I got the bat from Wally world on sale. Once the letters were completely dry, I covered them with 2 layers of mod podge to seal the paint. Once that was dry, I hot-glued the letters on to the bat. I didn't use a level or anything, I just eyed it. And then I triple layered the glue. Wasn't sure there was any better way to attach the letters. I suppose I could have screwed them in, but I think that was unnecessary since the letters weren't very heavy.

And here we have it. The finished product.
I think it will look great in his room. I left the hanging portion of it up to Adam since he is an engineer and all, and I had no idea how to go about it. I'm sure he'll figure out a good way.

So, I continue to happily spoil my 24-week old nephew. :)

No luck on selling my tutu, but hopefully soon.

Not much else going on in our [not-so] exciting lives. I'm tired from this weekend, but an early bed time is not looking good for this evening as we play Baylor at 8:30 and I'm sure the endorphins will be running high.

Here's to a overwhelmingly exciting game that will hopefully mean the end of a winning streak for Baylor & a continued home-winning streak for us.



  1. The bat with letters is just beyond cute!!!!!

  2. Hey sis, Max wanted me to tell you he loves his bat and can't wait to have his dad hang it up. He also says after he's born he would like to give you hugs and play catch with you (he's very advanced communication wise).

  3. Well, tell Mr. Max that I am counting down the days until we can play catch together! But warn him, basketball's mainly my game. I'm terrible at baseball. In fact, he might be teaching me more...


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