Thursday, December 15, 2011

DIY: Candy Cane Porch Decor

I realize that the plethora of projects I have produced in the last couple of months might be overwhelming.
But once you start crafting, it's hard to stop.
Sort of like an addiction
except that the end result is...well, awesome.
[save for the ornament tree fiasco]

I was feeling that my front porch looked a little bare.
I have my super-awesome KU wreath, but it just wasn't cutting it.
So I found a project I wanted to attempt:

While browsing through Hobby Lobby [meanwhile Matt's having a heart attack] I decided that I was tired of ornament projects. 
So I went with a peppermint theme instead.
[Courtney & Andy - you might enjoy this one! :)]
I went with a similar theme to the one above, with some minor [slash major] changes.
First off, since HL has all of their Christmas Decor 50% off, I went ahead and bought the base pre-decorated. I figured that buying a flower pot, then buying the paint and then painting it was going to be about as much money/work as just buying them off the shelf.
I used modeling clay as a base for the peppermint sticks.
I wish I would've used that foamy stuff [I'm pretty sure that's the proper name] that people use to put together fake flower arrangements.
The clay was incredibly expensive, hard to work with, and it smelled weird.
Not awesome.
I don't have a before picture, but before the bows had these butt-ugly fake red crystals that had to go.
I replaced them with one of the sequin foam balls I had lying around from my other hundred projects.
Oh yeah, and I had to glue the top of the candy-cane in place so it wouldn't wiggle around. [I'm thinking about the fierce KS wind...]
And now I have to skip ahead because I didn't detail my work very well. 
Moral of the story: I put the other two stick thingys into the modeling clay,
Tied ribbon around & glued into place [another attempt at securing them]
Put some tissue paper in there to make it look like a gift [I think I'm going to replace it with clear-plastic gift stuffing, probably more weather-resistant], and voila!
I used my plant holders that were just sitting in the garage and wrapped some ribbon around it to make it look like I bought them for this purpose. 
Super easy project that took no more than a half hour to put together.
Now I'm just waiting to see how well they hold up in our crap-tastic weather.
That is all, kids.
Got another project in the works that revolves around the Grinch [one of my favorite holiday flicks!]. Will post about that later.
Much Love

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