Monday, October 8, 2012

Crazy Weekend Update

Kenz and I had a absolutely, 100-percent, Super-busy/crazy fun weekend.

It all started with the KU/K-State game on Saturday.
We left at 9 am to get to Manhattan in time for parking and getting into the game.
 We had amazing seats, and they even took us down on the field to introduce us!
 We sat close to the KU band. I'm sure everyone around us enjoyed us clapping & singing the fight song.
 Kenz doubled as an eskimo-
 It was a blast, even despite the fact that we froze our butts off, and KU lost horribly. 

We left right after we were introduced between the 3rd & 4th quarters and practically ran to the car. The trip to Lawrence felt like it was about 2 minutes long, when really it was an hour and a half.
We made it to Lawrence by 3:30 and got in line to run! 
The color run was PACKED to say the least.
It was SO MUCH FUN. Oh my gosh. Loved it.

I kept my phone with me the entire time so I could snap a few pictures.

And when we finally got back to my parents house, K & I lounged around and watched a movie, and went to bed incredibly early for a Saturday. 
There was no other option - we were both incredibly exhausted.

Sunday morning we woke up early and headed out so we could get back to Salina.
I had to continue packing.
Turns out, we move in like...5 days. 
So that's terrifying.

We'll get 'er done, though.
I've picked out paint colors for the most part and am hoping to start and finish painting on Saturday.

I'll have tons of photos to update you all with, so be on the lookout.
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Hope you all had a spectacular weekend!

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