Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Be my valentine

 Hellllllo all. 
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I thought it might be time for an update. 
No crafts today, sorry!
I've been out with Influenza A (whatever the heck that is) and it kicked my butt. 
Seriously, I have been a total baby. Just ask the hubs. 
I took last Friday off and half days on Wednesday and Thursday per doctor's orders. So I have literally been laying around for 5 days straight. You would've thought after all of that laziness I would be caught up on sleep but I still feel pretty tired.
These helped, though. :)

Anywho - back to my update. 
Last week was V-day. 
I have mixed feelings about this holiday. 
Sometimes I think I like it. Other times I think it's really stupid. 
Regardless, Matthew & I celebrated.
Because I am an awesome wife [and because I didn't want to deal with crowds] I told Matt we were not going out to dinner and I brought this home instead:
 It doesn't really look like a heart. Just kind of...misshapen. But it tasted delicious, so it didn't matter. We also went bowling with Nick and I beat Matt not once, but twice. Sad for Matt, awesome for me. 

And I came home to these from my delightful husband [even though I told him not to get me flowers, he decoded my message and got them for me anyway]. 
 And this was Matt's gift....
 That's right. A kitten.
 We decided to name her Lucy [as in the sky with diamonds]. Totally Matt's idea. 
He's so freaking clever.
She is adorable. 8 months old and about half the size of Maggie, who is anything but slim. She runs around the house like a crazy-ass and also enjoys waking me up at 7 am every morning by pawing me in the face. And she's very cuddly.
 Last night I had the dog and cat on my lap while watching TV
as I was sitting next to this exciting man. 
Yes, our lives are thrilling.

I made my first Etsy sale!!

Things I've learned from my first sale:
1) wreaths are a pain in the rear to ship. Very hard to find a box to fit them.
2) Charge more for shipping
3) Try not to procrastinate shipping the item
4) Probably could've charged more for the item

We are headed to Topeka this weekend which I am SO freaking excited about. I feel like I haven't seen my family in ten years. 
It's been a month.
A month too long if you ask me. I want to feel Max kick more [which may require staying up past 2 am. He parties late] and celebrate Ma's birthday and stay up late watching movies.

And then there's the Mizzou game which I'm already getting anxiety about.

So, I have some crafts in mind for the next couple of days. I will document and update quickly.

OH yeah, and I'm going to be in a commercial.
That's right, people. 
Me & Kenz get to be in a commercial for BBBS Bowl for Kid's Sake fundraiser!
Filming that tonight - I will let you know how that goes.

Oh, and just a forewarning - 
I am not having a birthday this year.
I have decided to remain 23. 

That is all.

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