Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Shenanigans

This past weekend was another filled with excitement.

Matt & I left after work to go to the Plaza with Adam & Megh.
We ate at Houston's, which was amazing.
After the 90-minute wait, that is.
But we survived.
My food was magical. 
Maybe it's because I was so hungry; maybe it actually was made with unicorn tears. 
Who knows?
All I know is that I wolfed my food down like I hadn't ate in 3 days.

The plaza lights were beautiful, as they tend to be. It was cold outside, but I think that makes for an even better Christmas Time plaza experience. Really gets you in the mood.
 Christmas at G&G's.
It was great to see everyone again [it seemed like forever since Thanksgiving]. 
We had to miss Bethy's graduation Friday afternoon, but I heard it was great! Congrats again, Bethy!!
Dinner was wonderful [hello, Oyster soup. So we meet again..]
and we had enough food to feed a third world country.

After dinner, there was present-opening, of course.
 Max even got some goodies!
Saturday night we got to visit the other side of the family at Grandma Fran's. It was great catching up with my cousins and getting to hold Debra's new baby! What a cutie. 
 And then it was time to head home - the worst part.
Not only to we have to leave everyone behind, but we have one helluva drive back.
And if you're wondering if there's any scenery, that would be a "no".

Unless you consider scenery barns, hills, and grass. 
Then yes, there was a crap-load of scenery.
Thankfully we had Adam & Megh to entertain us on the drive.
When we finally returned home, I immediately went downstairs to take a nap.
After I woke up, I had to start getting ready for the McDonald's Christmas party!
That was a blast, as usual [open bar, can't go wrong] and the food was amazing.

I ate a lot this weekend, now that I think about it.
That's upsetting.
Oh well. It's the holidays, right? 


I'm going to stop thinking about it now.

Today I went to McKenzie's school to watch her make her presentation on the traditions in Sweden for Christmas.  She did great! When I got there she had on a KU t-shirt that my mom had gotten for her [tied with a hair-tie in the back, of course], the KU headband I had gotten her, skinny jeans, and the new boots I got her for Christmas! She looked like such a doll. 

The plan for this weekend is as follows:

Friday: ?
Saturday: Topeka, Christmas Eve Mass, After-party with the Schreiners
Saturday night: Santa visits
Sunday: PRESENTS!! 
Okay, I'm not 3, so I'm not focusing on the presents. Not that I'm not excited for them, it's just not my main concern. I'm just excited to spend yet another weekend with my fantastic family and have a great Christmas at home!

Wishing you the best of Holiday weekends! Odds are I'll post again before the weekend, but you can never be too prepared.
Rock Chalk [even though I'm not talking to my boys right now.]

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  1. Oh good Lord, that makeup mishap I had on Saturday just shined in those pics of me. Kenz looks so stylish! Tell her I'm baking some cookies for her!


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