Monday, October 18, 2010


that's right, folks. i felt it was time for a blog-over.
[in case you were wondering, that's code for blog make-over. i'm down with the lingo. obviously.]

today was monday. i'd like to say that it was a great day and i got a lot of things accomplised, but that would be a lie.
today, i felt as if i was spinning in circles.

all day.

you guys know what i'm talking about.

when you do everything you can to not suck at your job and then fail.


okay, it wasn't that bad.
but it wasn't that good, either.

the good news is that monday is over.
i have made it through the day and am still here to talk about it.

this weekend, however, was fabulous.

i took another trip to t-town.

drew marched in the band on friday and i, of course, missed the main event at the beginning of the game. but, luckily, they played during half-time, so i at least got to see him play.

saturday, i tried on bridesmaids dresses at david's bridal.

one word:


those people are the devil.
just ask megh.
and mom, for that matter.

after that, we headed to the mall and shopped there.
our experiences there were not all that spectacular, either.
we ran into an old friend and he described our attitudes as having
"a black cloud over our heads"

which wasn't too far from the truth.

but then we went to applebees.

[and there might have been a couple of beers involved] which made the whole experience much less crappy.

and THEN...

we picked up liam!

and we got to keep him all night.
you would have thought we'd never been around a child before.
we all sort of just...stared.
like he was going to tell us an unbelievable story or something.

which he practically did after we got home from the movie.
adam can attest to this.

sunday i had to go home.
i whined about it a lot.
but finally, i shut the heck up and got in the car.

when i finally made it home, i was on a mission:

Halloween decorations

one problem.

they were in the attic. the attic that is only accessible via latter.
but don't worry, people....we didn't let that stop us.

matt brought around the patio table, and i brought out the step latter.
together these two items formed a latter.

not a very stable one, but a latter none-the-less.

so i climbed. and despite my lack of upper-body strength, got all of the decorations from the attic. all the while, the garage door open and the neighbors are judging my husband as he watches his wife risk her life for $5 purple & orange lights, and cheap dollar tree decor.

class is our #1 concern

you really had to be there....

so i'm missing House right now, and that's just upsetting. time to hit the road.

happy work-week, everyone.

R.O.C.K. C.H.A.L.K. J.A.Y.H.A.W.K.

-mal & matt


  1. Mal, love the new blog look! We had a great time this weekend and I remember that sucky drive home! Hope your week improved!

  2. Oh forgot to say...wish we could have watched you and Matt! Must have been quite a sight!! loves, mom


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