Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thirsty Thursdays

Apologies for my poor attendance.
I have no excuse, except for when I come home...I don't want to sit on the computer. I want to either

A) Cook dinner .
[because by this time in the day I'm ready to gnaw someone's limb off to eat..]
B) Drink a margarita.
[because, let's face it; this is just a good solution to anything]
C) Go to bed.
[enough said]

I have seen Iron Man II. And I must say that it is as fabulous as I had suspected it would be.

AND. I am surviving this job, which is really challenging me. I think that is my favorite part.

Challenge accepted.

This week was my first real week of calling on clients/doctors/Assisted Living Facilities/retirement homes, blah blah, blah.....

And Debbie came all the way from Oklahoma to train with me. It was great to have her here as a resource.

But before that -

The senior fair.
Over 800 attendees, 100 BP checks done at our booth, and a day full of awesome-ness.

"The Santa Fe Days" Parade.
Yes, that is Jade.
And yes, she is posing as an Angel.

It turns out, I searched around the town of Salina for a stinkin' Angel dog costume.

Guess what?

My sister had actually purchased her an angel costume a couple years earlier for Halloween.
And I still had it at my house.

Go figure.

The Black Crows

We attended the Black Crows concert at the Stiefel for Doug's Birthday. It was enjoyable, save for the lack-o-hearing that we suffered from afterward.

I literally felt 100-years old when I left the building.

Thankfully the hearing-impaired-ness eventually subsided.

Since then there hasn't been much going on.
We did hit up Milford lake for the last time of the season last weekend and, I'm not gonna lie, it didn't go well...

After heading out around 3, we got to the lake around 3:45, ended up heading back to the dock at 5:30, and nearly got killed on the way back AND getting back up on to the dock. One of the people on our boat actually fell out on the dock, Matt jumped in after him, and I had to take over driving the boat.

One word:

But we all got back home safely, thank God. This weekend, the boat is keeping cozy in the shop, and we're going to stay on dry land..

Not much else going on at this end of the state.

I hope everyone is doing well and that we get to see you all soon!

Lots of love & Wishing everyone a fun, safe weekend.


-Mal & Matt

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