Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mid-Day Snack

So here's the story for the week so far:

Friday: I went to Manhattan to have a fantastic time with the ladies. It was amazing; we had SO much fun! Yay for Aggieville and wonderful gal-pal's.(Sorry, Sarz, I stole your pic to show the family! )

Saturday: Re-cooping from the night before and dinner with the Family in St. Jo. I had a blast seeing everyone and talking about random things. It's always wonderful to see the family!

Sunday: Drive home from Topeka which took me a little while extra with the snow and people's inability to drive in such snow. Once finally back in Salina, I stopped by the Y to run the 2 miles that I missed on Saturday. Then when I finally got home, Matt & I ripped out the linoleum in the laundry room (with help from Doug & Jo) and moved everything out in preparation for tile-laying, courtesy of our friends Tammie & Lyndon. A trip to Lowe's was necessary to pick up the tile and we got some paint while we were there so we could paint the room while everything was out of it.

Monday: Tammie & Lyndon laid the tile while Matt & I stood and watched, feeling utterly useless, but I'm sure they appreciated us not helping; I'm sure we would've done more harm than good if we would've tried to assist.

Tuesday: Tammie came to lay the grout and did so in a whopping hour and ten minutes! I was way impressed with her quickness & all-around skill in the grout-laying process. After she was finished I went to the Y to do my 2 miles, which I must brag that I beat a personal best at (1 mile in 11:22), which wasn't fantastic for the average American, but for me it was stupendous. Afterwards, Matt & I made about 6 separate trips to Lowe's to get things for painting that we kept forgetting to get on previous trips, hence the multiple trips in one day. Around 8:30 last night, we began painting and finished the first coat by 9:30. By that time I was so exhausted I could barely think, but I managed to watch the newest episode of Lost. This wasn't a great idea since you really need to be on your A-Game in order to watch that show. It's very confusing and frankly, they open about 20 new doors each episode despite their claims of "Explaining things". They don't explain squat.

Wednesday: I wake up, baffled still by last night's episode of Lost to the world's most awful sound: the alarm, while my husband gets to lay sleeping next to me. Needless to say, this wasn't the greatest start to my day; and to make matters worse, we got a bill from my cardiologist saying that I owe a large sum of money to them for the event monitor that 1) I did not even want, 2) was my 4th event monitor since the age of 12 and 3) did not show anything of significance. Superb.

But somehow, because of some great miracle, I am managing to stay positive for the rest of the day. I have a trip to the Y ahead of me, as well as finishing touches on the laundry room and choir practice at 6. Then, when I come home at 7, I imagine I'm going to go to sleep. Because I'm exhausted just thinking about it! haha

Annnnywho, I hope all of your weeks are going well so far. 2 Days until Friday! Hooray!!

Lots of love
Rock Chalk,


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