Monday, September 7, 2015

Will's Nursery!

Well, I've been mostly MIA for the past several months but I am incredibly excited to say that I am no longer pregnant! That's right, folks. My little man finally did his mom a solid and made his grand appearance! 
We're so excited for him to finally be in our lives [no one as much as me..summer pregnancies are the worst]!! 
So, I'm going to get his birth story written up along with tons of pictures posted, but in the meantime I wanted to finally share photos of his nursery. I hope you like it!

To begin with, we had to find a place to put the kid. You might remember the playroom reveal I posted last year..

It was a colorful concoction filled to the brim with toys! A friend of ours took the piano off our hands [It made me so sad to let it go, but we just didn't have a place for it anymore!] to free up a lot of space. 
Next, I designated the block book-case to Addi's room for toys and pretty much everything else went downstairs. 

Because the orange wall took so much time [and because I didn't want to paint over it] I decided to play with that color for the theme. I added a navy blue stripe across the top to tone down the brightness a bit!

The original plan was to take down the yellow submarine wall decal that I put up for the play room but I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. I contacted the Etsy site I bought the original from and asked for a custom design to add Will's name and a few extras to center it on the wall. 

This was the finished product! So great. 

Addi's crib and dresser are both white so I wanted to do something different for Will. In the end I decided on a light grey. 
 The dresser originally came with knobs that were grey. I wanted to jazz them up a bit and was unsuccessful at finding cute ones at Hobby Lobby or Lowe's, so I spray-painted them with a navy blue paint I had on hand. 

I love this room for the giant window!

I've stocked up on diapers when they're on sale and my sister gave me a ton of like-new clothes from her two sons! 
 Again utilizing one of these nursery door hangers from Wal-mart! 

The sheet fabric was bought from and my mom took them to a local gal who does all of her alterations to make two sets of crib sheets. I love how they have stars just like Addi's and that the colors perfectly match the walls! 

Hope you all liked the nursery reveal! 
Up next: the birth story.

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