Sunday, March 16, 2014

Decor Updates

I've been working with some of the decor in our house. After you get comfortable somewhere, clutter tends to accumulate and one day you look around confused, wondering when you started living in a scene from Hoarders. 

I swear I'm constantly gathering junk to take to Good Will. Every time I do this, I always think to myself, "you know, if you just didn't buy this crap you wouldn't have to throw it out later." Easier said than done.
The main enabler to my home-buying shopping addiction? 

Luckily, this time around I had gift cards from my birthday. Saturday afternoon was a gorgeous day for errand running, quite literally. Addi & jogged our way to Target to do some take-backs and buy some new crap I probably didn't need. 

I strapped her in the jogging stroller & we were off. 
It's okay if you feel overwhelmed by cuteness right now. Totally understandable.
I had no agenda for Saturday, so we took our time looking around the mystical fortress that is Tarjay. As I browsed every aisle, I came up with multiple DIY ideas for the house. Ultimately I wanted to focus on the kitchen & living room. The process started last week when I put up my gallery wall above the stairs-
Via Amazon gallery frames and collage
and Matty put together our bathroom storage solution. 
via K-Mart
We're lacking in cabinet space in our bathroom, so I wanted to add something for a little extra storage room. This was a cheap-o purchase from K-Mart online. Free shipping for the win. 

I came across this gem - on clearance, mind you - and decided I must have it. 
It's the perfect morning reminder. And it was $4 bucks. Can't go wrong.

Next up was the kitchen. 
This was where the major clutter came in to play. We have a large space in the corner behind our sink and I had yet to find anything to sit there that I actually liked. So I forced the creative juices to get rolling and went to Hobby Lobby [dun dun DUN]. I walked around the store for far too long and mulled over what I wanted to make. Colored bottles? Random nick nacks? Fake fruit? None of those enough for me. So I improvised. 
I purchased three clear bottles with the intent of filling them with a bit of paint to get a "drip" look. After actually thinking it through, I decided that wasn't going to work all that well. And it would be messy. Instead, I got out the mod podge and glitter and this is what I came up with: 
It's the perfect solution to de-cluttering. Plus, it matches the color scheme I'm going for. 

Speaking of which, during our trip to Menard's I found these amaze-balls light fixture covers: 
And right behind them is the most awesome poster in the world. 
via Etsy
It's just the randomness I'm going for. Laid back, cool colors, and not too themed. 

Overall, it's been an incredibly productive weekend. 
It always feels good to get things done around the house.
Like I actually have some control over my life. ;)

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