Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31-32 week Bumpdates

I'm skipping my "official" bumpdate this week [no worries, I still have a few pictures] to report on life as of late. 
I feel I have been slacking in the blog update department, mostly due to the fact that I am in severe pain 95% of the time and I just want this baby OUT OF ME. 
The third trimester woes have hit head on, but luckily I'm on the downhill slope. Time is of the essence and despite an action-packed next few weeks, I still have a buttload of stuff to get done around the house to prepare for my SuperBaby.

In the midst of worrying about what I still have yet to get done, we have been busy with many other things in the last month. 

 The hubs & I celebrated our 4-year anniversary on the 3rd.
For which I received these rockin' orange mums because, according to him, "Halloween is your favorite and I thought you'd like the orange." 
Ugh. He's the coolest.
This past weekend we took a trip to Larrytown to attempt an entrance into Late Night at the Phog. It was a failed attempt due to the large number of people in line and lack of space in Allen Fieldhouse, but at least we tried, right? Instead, we left the flocks of disappointed fans behind and ate at our favorite restaurant with the family. A perfect anniversary dinner, in my opinion.

 As for Adelaide, she's growing like a weed. According to most of the literature, she is around 4 pounds this week and close to 17 inches from head to tiny toe. I'm supposed to be gaining a pound a week from now until delivery [oh joy] so we'll see how that goes. I still have yet to find the aggressive appetite everyone warned me about as the nausea from trimester 1 has returned [along with the headaches] with a vengeance. 
As for movement, she's slowed down in frequency as she runs out of room, but the kicks continue to grow in eagerness. She flops from side to side, which is incredibly entertaining to watch. 

 And as for me? Where shall I begin?
My belly has become quite an interesting hurdle to ignore, as has my protruding belly button which my husband finds incredibly entertaining. As he rests his hands on my belly to feel Addi move, he tends to play with my newly-developed outie until I yell at him to quit. 
Mainly because I find it weird. 

I have packed my bathroom supplies for the hospital and a few other things that I can stand to not use while they sit in a bag in our closet.
This weekend I plan on finishing up a few lingering tasks such as wrapping Christmas presents [yeah you read that right] and putting up Halloween decorations.

In less than two weeks I will be attending my first of three baby showers and getting maternity pictures taken. 
Here's to hoping I don't resemble a blimp. ;)

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