Sunday, August 18, 2013

24 Week Bumpdate!

Heyyyyyy ya'll! It's that time again.
This week marks 25 weeks! Yay!!!!
I'm so close to 30 weeks I can feel it.
And by feel it, I mean I can literally feel it. I've been resembling Stretch Armstrong as of late.
Except I don't stretch as well as him.
And my muscles aren't as impressive.

Here's a little review allllllll the way back to week 8.
I thought I was showing a little bit here. Isn't that cute?

And now it looks like I'm trying to smuggle a basketball around.
Here's an interesting fact: my uterus is now the size of a SOCCER BALL.
I know, I know. I'm sure you've 
 been dying to learn as much as you possibly could about my uterus.
You're welcome.

 I have this strange feeling that the upcoming months are going to flllly by. I've got three showers coming, senior sessions to take, Late Night, basketball season starting, the nursery to finish, a buttload of baby clothes to wash, all the while trying to wrap my head around the fact that in three months my life will be forever changed. For the good, I hear.

From now on I'll be taking weekly shots since apparently I'm going to balloon out [horizontally, not vertically unfortunately].

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