Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crib Assembly 101

Goooood mornin' folks.
It's been a busy week in our household. 
According to the thirteen articles I've read this week, one of which included a list of things to do week-by-week of your pregnancy, we are far enough along to start getting the nursery ready. 

In 7 short weeks I'll be into my 3rd trimester, and that means shit is about to get real.

My parents have a tradition they're starting with us kids to buy their grandchild's crib. It was special for me, mainly because I got to shop around with my mom during this process. And despite not liking people buying things for us, we graciously accepted their offer. Because we're going to have a kid soon and any help we can get now is absolutely appreciated.

The crib arrived to the office on Monday and due to the large stature of the box, had to be escorted by my FIL to the house. It stayed in the back of his truck for a day and a half [which may or may not have been cause for a yelling session with the hubs], but it got dropped off Tuesday afternoon and no harm was done. 

The hubs had to make a beer run [because this is 'Merica, folks] and ordered pizza while I took a bath, but we finally got started on the crib assembly around 6:30. 

 Unfortunately, I could not partake in the Zon consumption, but I was happy with my kool-aid jammer. 
 Because there were large, random boxes being brought out, the curiosity immediately overcame the animals and they decided we should all cram into Addi's room to help. 
Halfway through, we discovered we were short a few bolts. 
I may or may not have read this in the review. If I did, I also may have ignored the comments, assuming there was no way it could happen to us.  
 After a short trip to Lowe's [complete with loungewear and pizza-face] where we reportedly looked like complete morons trying to find the correct size of bolt [hint: there's a display that will easily tell you that], all was well and we were back to the races. 

Assembly was quick & only took us about an hour and a half [that includes our trip to Lowe's]. I helped quite a bit and was in charge of reading the instructions. 
Matt: [Looking at the directions] These don't even make flipping sense. Here. Tell me what to do.

I'm going to save the last picture for ya'll because I want to do an 
At least, I will think it's awesome because I've put a great deal of time and effort into finding the perfect pattern and colors for my sweet little one to enjoy from day 1. 

Some might say I've thought about it too much, and those people would probably be right. 
On another note, my child is going to be incredibly spoiled. I'm sure you might have guessed that just based on the glimpse of her closet you get in the above photo. 

I got two big bags of precious dresses from my MIL last night, and I know for a fact that my mother has an innumerable amount of precious KU and the-least-girly-she-could-find outfits coming my way next time I see her. Between the two of them, I'm not sure I'll ever have to buy my child clothes. 

She's one lucky little girl, and M&I feel so loved, it's almost overwhelming.
I have to stop talking about our parents or I'm going to start sobbing.

[and the crazy lady exits]

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