Tuesday, July 2, 2013

15-18 Weeks

Heyyyyy ya'll! 
This post will be one of my last before I'm off the grid for a while thanks to the cruise! Yaaaah!
So, as a parting gift, our 15-18 week update:

You might well notice that my gut appears to be smaller. I cannot attribute this lack of growth to anything more than a smaller dinner or just not wearing a tight cammi underneath my "Keep Calm" shirt. 

Hopefully tomorrow the doc will tell me the baby is growing just fine. Otherwise I'm likely to have a conniption. 

On a side note, my hair is growing like crazy. And I love it. My hair stylist couldn't believe how long it has gotten in such a short period of time [yeah, hormones!!]. 

So, when we return you will all be the first on the interwebs to know what the sex of the babe is [assuming he/she cooperates at the sono tomorrow!]. I will also unveil my gender reveal treats, so hopefully you all enjoy that! 

Until next time, take care my loves.
Stay awesome.

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