Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekend recap

I'm finally caught up on sleep and therefore able to properly function in society.
I finally broke down and went to see a chiropractor yesterday after work. My neck was all sorts of out of shape. He fixed that up real good. I have been to a chiropractor approximately one other time in my life, but I was desperate. 

Last weekend we attended one of my best gal pal's weddings in KC. It was gorgeous. Amazing. I was enthralled with their venue. 

 Look. JUST LOOK. I am obsessed with this backdrop.
AND WAIT - It's even better at NIGHT. When they opened up the curtains to reveal a Kansas City skyline view! 
 The boys had a bit 'o fun with Max's sippy cup.
 And I got to see some awesome girlfriends that are literally among the coolest people I know. 
 When we got home, it took me [as usual] a few days to recover. My house is a terrifying disaster. There are tufts of cat hair just lying around that I'm vigilantly ignoring. The laundry is still piled up on the washer and dryer [and has been for 6 weeks now]. And, most importantly, my house does not smell as delicious as I would like. 
So that's on my to-do list for this week; make my house livable. 

On the bright side, check out what I got in the mail this morning!
 And if you think those are cute, just wait until you see the backs!! 
Ugh. I am overfilled with cuteness. 
I promised Matt that would be the last thing I would buy for booger until after our showers, since we're both trying to do our parts to spend less money and because we're likely to have three showers, so I'm literally going to run out of things to put on my registry. 

As an end to this post, here's a little glimpse into the every day convo's of Mal & Megh: sisters extraordinaire


  1. You can find all those onsies in Colorado easily. So we should have went there instead of buying them on the Internet machine. Max has the bear one and matching socks. I'll send you the socks!

    1. Yeah I thought I saw those in that shop in Estes, but I got these for cheap on Zulily, so I'm hoping I at least got them at a better price!

    2. I just wanted to go to Colorado again. I miss it.


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