Friday, June 14, 2013

Girls Rule...and Boys Do Too!

Wednesday we saw our doctor again and got to hear Sprout's heartbeat for the very first time!
It was epic. And when they say it sounds like a horse galloping, they're totally right. I mean, I haven't been around a lot of horses in my day, but I have seen Seabiscuit, so I think I would know. 

I had so much fun seeing what you guys voted for Sprout's name (should it be a girl), so I thought we could do another vote! I want you to guess whether you think it will be a boy or a girl. And to make it more fun, you can comment and tell me what your vote was (the poll doesn't show your name). 

To better educate you, here are the facts:

I have no idea if I'm carrying high or low, but I feel like I'm carrying higher than my sister did with Max.
Here's my 12-15 week pictures, so you can decide:

Heart Rate at 6 Weeks: 175
Heart Rate at 10 Weeks: 163
Heart Rate at 14 Weeks: 143

Cravings: Sweets, mexican food, and beer (unfortunately not indulging much in the latter). 
Approx. Date of Conception: March 11

Next Sonogram: July 3rd. You have until then to decide, my friends.
That's all you get. 
Good luck! 

Whadda ya think?! - DUDE OR CHICK?


Thoughts? Love to hear 'em.