Thursday, June 20, 2013

A post to my friends

Hello, friends!

I just wanted to write a blog to clear a few things up, here.
I've gotten a lot of comments from people I consider close friends about some of the blogs I've written regarding being preggo. 
Now, I'll be the first to admit - I don't like being pregnant. I like the idea of it, because at the end of this horrible nine months filled with unpleasant shit, my life will forever change - in an amazing, unforgettable way. 

But the process is not something I'm a fan of. I'm not going to pretend that this is a magical time because I would be lying. And I like to save my lying for things that really matter, like pretending to enjoy gifts I get that  actually suck and "friending" people on Facebook that aren't actually my friends. 

This blog started out as a way to communicate the boring, every day activities that occur in our lives to my family East of us. When we moved, it was devastating both for me, and hopefully for my family, since we weren't an easy drive away. So I decided it would be a good idea to keep them in the loop so we all didn't lose touch. It was my way of coping.

After a short while, I started following other popular blogs, interacting with complete strangers who share the same interests as me as shared by those blogs, and I began to realize that blogging was something I wanted to do in a more fun, professional manor. Now, this isn't to say that my blog is popular; far from it, in fact. And that I don't care so much about. 

But the entertaining of people I do care about. 
My way of doing that is through humor. I have a very straight forward sense of humor. I am weird, incredibly open, and unwilling to miss a great opportunity to make fun of myself or certain situations. 

With that said, I wanted you all to know that when I talk about people pissing me off or generally acting like idiots, it is not about you. So when I made that list of pregnancy questions that annoy me, it was really only for the comedic value. And only because I get asked them 20 times a day. But if you take time out of your schedule to sit down and read any of my blog posts, I can assure you, I consider you a cool enough person to NOT be annoying to me in any way. 

I just like to be funny and my way of doing that is through sarcasm. I don't mean to offend anyone, and I certainly don't want you to think you can't ask me about my pregnancy without me breathing fire in your face. That isn't the case AT ALL. 
I love you all for reading the stories of my incredibly average and altogether boring life. 
It makes me SO happy to have you all here. 

Like I said in my last post, the second trimester is treating me SO MUCH better than the first, so my posts should remain relatively neutral for the next couple of months [until the 3rd trimester where I hear that shit will inevitably hit the fan]. I just wanted you all to know, in the sincerest way I can possibly convey, that nothing you guys say to me will annoy me. So please, ask away. Even if I've made fun of it. 

Because I DO love sharing this experience with my close friends. 
And I consider all of you to be just that; my FRIENDS. 

*Air hugs to all*


  1. Awww - very well stated Mal. By the way - you look GREAT! LOL.

  2. Glad to know I can still ask questions because I have to ask questions!


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