Friday, May 31, 2013

Dream a little dream of me

Pregnancy makes your dreams totally wacko.
We're talking trippin' balls wacko.

Take my dream last night, for instance..........

It started out the weekend of my brother's graduation. I was in Topeka helping my mom with the party. For some odd reason, we were at a house that wasn't my parents'. It was gigantic; almost never ending- like when you climbed the stairs and you got to the next landing, there would always be another set. 

The party seemed to be take longer than we had originally intended. In fact, we had missed another of Drew's friends parties because we were still working on his. 
In the midst of the party, I had gone downstairs to shower and clean up. When I finally got done and went back upstairs to join the party, guess who was there [incredibly randomly]? 

Yes, I often have KU players in my dreams. Jealous?
A little background on Darrell - 
um...he was awesome. 

He graduated high school the same year I did, AND he played power forward for the 2008 CHAMPIONSHIP, mo fo's. Currently he plays professionally for the Memphis Grizzlies.
Anyway, after finally going up to talk to him [my husband convinced me to], I got up the courage to ask him for an autograph on my favorite KU hat. It's classic; white, "University of Kansas" logo, and completely worn; to the point that it doesn't snap in the back anymore. 
When I went downstairs to my pile of clothes to find it, IT WASN'T THERE.

*cue the Mallory freakout*

Like, I flipped the eff out.
I searched that ginormous house high and low. And it took ten years. So by the time I went back upstairs to find the mystical Mr. Arthur, he was gone.
So then I chose to freak out more. 
At one point, I started bawling and went to my father as he hugged me, but laughed at the same time.

Why did no one understand the DIRE situation I was in? 
I even yelled at my mother, claiming that she had put my hat somewhere when she had inevitably cleaned my room earlier. 

Eventually, I just went to hang out with my brother, still incredibly upset that this horrible event had happened to me. 
[why me, God. WHY?]

So I woke up, incredibly confused. 
A little pissed off because I didn't get Darrell Arthur's signature on my favorite hat.
But mostly appalled that I had acted in such a way, even if it was dream Mallory. 

This is not the weirdest dream I have had as of late. But this is the most real that I can remember. Like...ever. 

If only I could have actually met Darrell Arthur.
One day..

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