Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The language of love

My sister and I have been seriously slacking in the hilarious text message exchanges as of late. 
But M made a comment earlier that I just had to post. 

In case you've never met him, or don't know him all that well, he doesn't have a whole lot to say about..well, about much of anything. 
But sometimes, some real gems come out of that mouth of his, and they're typically pretty hilarious.

And yes, I am fully aware of how badly we spelled both of those "multi-cultural" words.
Neither of us pretend to care. 

Sorry for no update yesterday. I had 10 letters to paint for bats and a doctor's appointment at 7, so my night was incredibly full. 
On a positive note - I slept through the night without the aid of Tylenol PM (score), and this cold is ALMOST gone. Almost

I'll try to get an update up tonight. 

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