Friday, January 11, 2013

things i love friday

Today, I don't have anything exciting to report, and I left my laptop at home which contains all of my pictures. So today, I'm going to just list the things that I love on this beautiful Friday. In no particular order.

1. My fitbit - with my Christmas money, I ordered myself one of these newfangled GPS devices. It tracks steps, stairs, calories, and quality of sleep. I've got a Garmin GPS watch, which is great for tracking runs, but the Fitbit lets you know just how active you are during the day. Which for me, having a desk job and all, is not a lot.

2. Simple Truth - We have a fancy new Dillon's close to our house now. And because I hate going to Walmart, I buy 99.9% of my groceries at Dillon's. Well, now Kroger brand has gotten their shit together and stepped it up a notch. They now have their own line of Organic products. ROCK. ON. I'm not a hippy and I don't like spending the extra cash for the good stuff, but I am totally grossed out by how much processed crap I put into my body so I feel like whenever I can ingest things that are decent for me, I try. So, mad props to Dillon's for getting on the good-for-you horse. They also have organic produce, which is delectable. Now, time for Walmart to retaliate. The ball's in your court, homies.  
 3. Gatorade - G2 is awesome, and since it's pretty much doctor prescribed [don't ask], I love that they have a low calorie version [45 per bottle] that still allows me to get my electrolyte on. Word.
 4. Office Assistants - I couldn't leave him out, for serious. How cute is he? I try to remember this face every time he starts barking at every single person that walks in the door, but sometimes it's hard. It can be super annoying.
i look extra cute when my ears stick straight up.
 5. Organization - I reorganized all of my desk drawers today, which feels great. Yeah, I am such a nerd.
the perfect example of an organized mess.
6. Ponytails - Because I woke up late, feeling like crap, and this was really my only option. 
don't disturb me before 12 pm. i've killed for less.

Happy Friday, all! I hope you have a magnificent weekend. 

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