Monday, January 21, 2013

The List: #20

I'm still chuggin' along on the list. Here's the latest:
20. Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

First up: That one time Mallory caused a scene at Sirloin Stockade
When I was a kid, I was a little shit about what I ate. My poor parents had to order the most ridiculous renditions of menu items any time we went out.
McDonald's: Cheeseburger, plain, minus the hamburger.
Taco Bell: Taco, plain, minus the taco meat, heated up so the cheese was melted [ which wouldn't have been an issue now due to the influx of quesadillas on the market].
Those are the only two significant ones I remember, but it's enough for you to get the gist.
So basically, I hated any form of meat that came from a cow.
And no, I wasn't starting a political movement at the age of 5. I was just a turd.

Grammy came down to watch us for a week when Mom & Dad went out of town. I wanted to stay home and eat Mac & Cheese, but my sister, sick of the tiresome menu I insisted upon, wanted to go to Sirloin Stockade. I thought that was bullshit. I hated steak. And I wasn't a fan of cows. They had both, the latter happened to be the giant mascot on their sign [weird]. The sequence of events are hazy, but basically it boils down to me refusing to get out of the car while we were sitting in the parking lot, grandma most likely wanting to smack the crap out of me, and my sister hating me for the rest of the week. We also went home and ate mac & cheese. So technically, I got my way. Sorry I was a jackass, grams. Sorry you didn't get to eat at Sirloin Stockade, Megh. But let's face it, we all won; we got to eat cheesey goodness instead.
a vegetarian's nightmare.

2. Leavin' on a Jetplane
We moved around a few times when I was a kid. This was good and bad. I have always been the type of person who craved new scenery. Staying at the same job for 15 years sounds like my own personal hell. Semester switch up at school was glorious. Rearranging my bedroom was probably the most fun I had in high school [sad]. Anyway, it also had its downsides. We moved from Topeka to Owasso, OK the summer before 5th grade. I had to ride the bus to school, which didn't happen in Topeka because Mom worked at the school and we could always hitch a ride with her.
There was an airport in OKC, so there were always planes flying above us. For some reason, and I'm not sure how I remember this so vividly because I have the memory of a 90-year-old, I would always look up at those planes and just dream of flying away. I would just stare at it and wish as hard as my little heart could wish. Sadly, it typically started my day off on a low note, but that could have been due to me being an overly dramatic 10 year old. It must have been when we first moved there, because I really did end up liking it. I made friends and did well in school.

Also from Owasso: when I was in sixth grade, my mom would pick me up at the Albertson's that was a block down the street from my school. I would always walk past this golf course and pick up any balls that had flown over the fence. I had quite the collection by the end of that year. So I would walk to Albertson's, buy myself a $.45 cent soda, and sit on a bench waiting for my mom. From what my Grandma tells me, it was pretty darn cute to pull up and see me sipping on a soda, my legs swinging on the bench. I believe it. I was pretty cute.

3. Weasel worry
Another one from Owasso [that city clearly had a memory-power type of thing going on..]; my 5th grade teacher, Ms. Wright, was freaking amazing. Her hair was bright red, curly, and totally whacky - much like Professor Trelawny [harry potter nerds will get that]. Her wardrobe consisted of flowy skirts, trousers that barely hit her incredibly thin ankles, and silly shoes.  She was witty and eccentric, and was the only reason that I survived that move unscathed. She totally took me under her wing and didn't let anyone mess with me. I don't know why she liked me so much, but she was my saving grace. Anyway, she had this award that she gave out each month called the "Weasel of the Month." She always called me a little weasel [you've probably heard me call people that; she's the reason why], which made me feel extra special. So the entire year, I never got that damn award and I was broken hearted every time. In May, it was the last week of school and she told us all that she had chosen a weasel of the YEAR. I was thinking "there's no way I could ever get that, I never even got a Weasel of the Month!" But I was wrong. I totally won that award. You'd have thought that I won a Pulitzer or the like. It was awesome. I can remember how much that ear to ear grin started hurting after a while. :)


  1. You bit**. Special K cereal and macaroni for 3 straight days because of you! Haha!

    1. Just admit it. Mac & Cheese is awesome.


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