Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NYC: Days IV & V

Well, here we are, almost to FEBRUARY, and I have yet to finish up my NYC series. 
That's just how efficient I am, folks. 
I've written like 6 blogs since the last installment. Signs my mythical ADD has attacked again. 
*side note, I'm not making fun of ADD when I refer to my tendencies to lean in that direction; I'm making fun of myself because it's the only way I know how to explain my erratic behavior. 

Let's get right down to it. 
**WARNING: This one's got a ton of pictures..**

One of the many places I wanted to visit was Greenwich Village (pronounced Grenich).
It may or may not have been because that's where the Friends apartment was located. I'll go ahead and leave that one up to interpretation.

This part of NY was my favorite, by leaps & bounds.

 The area was hip, but not hipster; pretty, but not snooty; and best of all - it was clean.

I think I've told you guys this before, but I am the type of person who eats three meals a day.
I find it completely unnecessary to starve yourself. 
Have you seen those Sicker's commercials where the dude turns into a diva because he's hungry? 
I'm that dude.

So, per my suggestion, our first stop was somewhere to eat. 

I forget the name of the place we ate, but they had an amazing brunch.
A brunch that happened to include mimosas [for the win]. 
another fun fact about mimosas: great hangover cure
 After brunch, we began our quest to locate the apartment from Friends. My addiction to Friends started in High School, when the show was actually on air. Me, my sis, and a few of our BFF's had shirts, coffee mugs, totes - you name it. [And we had a crying/farewell party when the last episode aired]

By now, I've seen every episode approximately 30 times. 
I threw that number out there, but it's got to be somewhat accurate, if not understated.

Here she is:
 Now, they didn't actually film in this building, the show was filmed in a studio. But, this is the apartment they show every time before they pan to Monica's apartment. 

Watch an episode and you'll totally go, "holy shit, that's the place!" 
Because that's what I did. And I'd seen it 900 times before hand.

When I had gotten my fill of the view, we left. The rain pushed us a long a bit as well.
 The buildings all looked different;
there seemed to be details in each that were unique.
 Megh had a few places she wanted to go, so we ventured toward the business district of Greenwich.
 Russ and Daughters was one place on the list. I cannot describe this place fully; in fact, I'm still trying to figure it out. It's an appetizer deli. So you stand in line - picture a butcher's shop or a fancy Subway - and order what ever you fancy. There were probably 50 different types of fish, and sushi, and meat, and cheese, and on the other side of the place, there were deserts. 

We literally could not figure out how to order, so we just kind of looked around and then scampered our newbie butts out of there. 
 We also stopped by the Comedy Cellar, the spot featured on Louis CK's show in the beginning credits. Apparently there are scenes filmed there occasionally, and many famous people perform there quite often. 
street cred
There was a place along the way called "Lucky's," and since we all had to pee like none other, and I felt like I was 100% parched, we went inside. 
The cookies - and I'm not saying this because I could have ate a human leg and been satisfied - were the best I've had. In my entire life. 
funny innuendos are my cup o' tea.
 They also had natural cola. Which, coincidentally, tasted identical, if not better, than Coca Cola itself. 
And it was good for you. 
The NY folks are all about au naturale.

Greenwich was fun, but our feet were killing us and we had to get back to get ready.
 We took the F train. 
Did I tell you guys I led us through the Subways the entire trip?
Thank you, Google maps. 
Just type in your destination, select public transport, and get your directions. 

We decided early Sunday morning that we wanted to go see the Rockettes at Radio City.
It was an insanely awesome experience.
We weren't allowed DSLR cameras in, so I apologize in advance for what you're about to see..
I wonder who sponsored them?
 I tried to capture the magnitude of this place, but it's just not possible with a camera phone. This is the best you're gonna get.
megh:  "I just want to know how I can get my goat involved in theater."

 The next morning, we got up relatively early, checked out bags in with the hotel, and went around to tour for a few more hours before we had to depart. 
 Junior's restaurant was our choice for lunch.
Probably the best choice we made the entire trip. It was amazeballs. 
 I had the mushroom & swiss turkey burger. It was in no way healthy, so it was freaking delicious.
no, friends - that is not a doughnut. that shit is an ONION RING. 
 The weather was a perfect reminder that it was our last day; gloom & rain.
 I was happy I got to break in my NYC shoes on the streets of New York. 

Until next time, New York. 

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  1. I cried looking at the pictures. Why can't we live there again?! Best city in the US.


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