Saturday, January 12, 2013


My mythical ADD set in and I realized that I never finished my NYC posts! I still have days 3 & 4 left.
Silly me.

So, last time we visited, I was telling you about my experience with Paul Rudd. It was magical. 

The next day, [despite my sister's objections] we visited the Freedom Towers [formerly the World Trade center]. 
Megh didn't want to go because it was depressing, but I could not visit NYC and forgo seeing the progress they've made at the site. 

It was foggy that day so it made for some dramatic images.

 The line to get in to see the memorial was two blocks long [not exaggerating], so we decided to move on. We walked down to Battery Park.
It's a gorgeous area. From there you can see Lady Liberty, a view of the other side, and gorgeous buildings, new and old. 
 We had some fun in the elevator
 And, after a life-altering taxi ride [not in a good way], we got to the bar just in time to watch my beloved Hawks play at our favorite bar.
 That night, we decided to head on down to Central Park. Along the way, we encountered a young, incredibly charming tri-bike driver who was intent on taking us into the park. 
After what felt like hours of him trying to persuade us, and my darling sister kindly telling him in so little words to "eff off", we hoofed it on our own two feet.

And we may or may not have brought along beer and Smirnoff beverages discreetly masked in I <3 cups.="cups." ny="ny">
I'm neither confirming nor denying these statements.

We were told by the charming young man that the day just happened to be the Anniversary of John Lennon's death and there was a large gathering in the park every year to celebrate his life. 
The way he described it, we expected some huge ordeal. Like one that had carts of beer for sale or something.
Not the case.

Turns out it was a huge circle of people [who may or may not have eaten brownies with questionable ingredients before they arrived] singing acoustic versions of the Beatles songs. 
It was still pretty awesome.

I wanted to get some good pictures, and a man standing on the bench must have sensed this, as he waved me over and allowed me to share his space.

This made my mother and sister nervous, I could see, so they quickly joined me and stood guard in front of us.
After a while, the fog around us began to cloud our heads, so we decided to move on.
We found the skating rink, and I, being the dedicated photographer that I am, found the perfect rock overlooking it. 
We walked across the way to 5th avenue and since we all had to use the facilities, so of course we had to use the fanciest ones we could at the Plaza. 

Turns out there are weddings there.
i bet this one cost as much as my wedding..
 We also went to look at the shop windows. 
We watched a music & light show on the side of the Macy's building
And after all that walking, we were all starving and mom thought we might have to amputate her feet.
We had to have walked at least 6 or 7 miles total. 
Finally we found an Irish pub to eat at and rest our poor feet. 

And after all of that, we walked back to the hotel. I snapped this picture on the way back, just to show you how insanely crowded it was at Rockefeller Plaza. This was taken at like 10 pm.
It was a long day, but Megh and I just weren't ready to give up.

We walked our tired feet down the pub and had a few beers, cheers to a perfect day in a perfect city.

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