Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No-Resolutions Resolution

New Year's tends to be a little annoying in my opinion. 

The main reason for me is the gym, of course. 
Though I've been slacking as of late, I can certainly say I've frequented the gym this past year more than a lot of people have in their lifetime.
Not that I'm judging, believe me, I'm jealous. If I could not go to the gym and remain perfectly happy, healthy, and not gain 50 pounds, I would cancel that membership faster than my dog inhales a treat. 
But I can't. And so I will continue to go to the gym, all the while being incredibly irritated by the flocks of people that are using my machines and crowding my classes. 
Don't they know it's my gym?

Okay, I'm starting to sound delusional. Moving on..

Past that, it's all these resolutions people make, when there's a 95% chance they won't follow up with them.
What's the point?
Guaranteed failure?
No thank you.

I've thought and thought about what I want my resolutions to be. 

This last year was a challenge for me in every way I can imagine.
Short of having kids, my life has changed in the last year.
I have grown due to a multitude of factors.

I've never been a sickly person, but this last year was definitely the outlier on my health issues graph. That's obviously going to affect someone in more ways than one. Two surgeries, countless doctors appointments, monthly sonograms, prescription changes, monthly blood drawings - it wasn't a fun year for that. 

Things I've learned from this: Doctors are not my favorite people. But if you find the right one - one who genuinely WANTS you to get better - then you've struck gold, my friend. It's rare that you find a doc who will hold your hand on the operating table until the anesthesia kicks in. She was a gem and the fact that she's now retired [rude.] makes me want to cry. Alas, I must move on. Power through.

As most of you know, we moved this year. It's become the running joke in our family that we have to move every two years. Now, to set the record straight, we do NOT, in fact, enjoy moving our shit from house to house. But this move was necessary. We were in over our heads with a house that did not suit us. And rather than bitch and moan about how stretched we were, I took action. Despite hating every single second of packing up our crap and moving across town, we did it anyway. 

Things I've learned from this: I love our new house. LOVE. It actually feels like home. I think I began to resent the old place because it was putting a strain on our marriage. And because it was a real bitch to clean.  I can honestly say that I don't miss the place. [other than the walk-in pantry] 
This house just feels right. It feels like we finally found a place where we can 

Matt & I celebrated three years of wedded bliss this year. Okay, bliss is pushing it a bit, but we've never been the type of couple to gush over one another.  Our marriage has been pushed to many extremes due to different circumstances [moving...thrice, broken baby-makers, living in Salina..] but it's definitely made us grow closer.

Things I've learned from this: Just breathe. Like...when you want to kick the other person in the face, just say to yourself - hey, that's kind of illegal and also not cool - and just breathe. Because that other person - they're your teammate. You've gotta work together, otherwise you will lose. Shit will hit the fan. Our marriage gets stronger with every obstacle we face. So bring it on, because our marriage is pretty much the Iron Man of unions. BOOM.

Quite frankly, I don't feel like I need resolutions. There's a time for change, and I feel like right now just happens to be that time for me. We're settled into our new house, health is sustained, and I have officially put a hold on my Etsy store so I can actually come home at night and relax. 

I really do feel like 2013 is going to be a great year. 
It cannot be worse than 2012.

Unless the zombie apocalypse actually does happen. 
That would totally suck.

So, make resolutions or don't. The choice is yours.
Just know that whatever you do, 
do it with style
do it with determination
and above all,
do it with love.

I love you all, awesome blog-readers.
Thanks for stickin' by me through my ups and downs.

Here's to a spectacular 2013

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