Sunday, December 30, 2012

the tale of a wasted afternoon

You know how they say that an afternoon you enjoy wasting isn't a a waste after all?
I'm pretty sure I've heard that said.
Regardless, that's what I did yesterday.

I've watched the movie Pitch Perfect approximately 8,000 times by now.
Anna Kendrick is effing amazing, as is Rebel Wilson, and there's some eye candy to enjoy as well.

Anyway, so I've been wanting to learn the "cups" routine ever since I saw it. I've been singing the song non-stop since I heard it, so I figured I had to learn how to do the cup thing.

Originally it was done by the creators of the song Lulu and the Lampshades (see their awesome rendition of it here). 

And since Pitch Perfect came out, it's been covered approximately 100 million times on Youtube.
100 million and one now. 

So, because I want something to show for an afternoon spent with a freaking cup, here you go. 

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