Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NYC: Day 1

Well, it's been like ten years since I've posted last.
Actually it's only been a week and a half, but that's a long time for me.

As I have previously bragged about it, you should already know why. 
New York City.

The city that has stolen half my heart.
[Lawrence has the other half]

Most of my time was spent taking pictures, so much that I came home with a 16gb card filled with only pictures I'd taken in NYC. 

So I'll start with our first night there.

We got in early on Thursday night [early as in our flight landed early, it was still 9:45 before we even got to the hotel], so we went to get food at what turned out to be our favorite pub in the whole city, Emmett O'Lunneys.

And afterward we walked to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.

Turns out it's lights out at 11:30.
It was mildly depressing seeing this ginormous unlit tree in front of gargantuan buildings.
The thing just looked out of place.

Like some woodsman was playing a large prank on the city of New York.
hehe...this'll  be a real knee-slapper! says the woodsman

How he managed to get a 75-foot spruce into the square is a story for a later time.

Anyway, we left with heavy hearts and decided to heal our wounds with martinis.
It worked.

And after paying an unspeakable bar tab, we went upstairs and crashed at the delicate hour of four a.m. 

Day two deserves its very own post, so I'm going to leave that for tomorrow.

Until then -

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