Friday, November 2, 2012


Driving home last night, I gazed at the new Dillon's gas prices as we passed by. 
I say [rhetorically], "$3.15, wow."
"It's because of the Hurricane. Everyone's at home, not driving." Matt replies.
"Seriously, do you think I am that idiotic when it comes to the happenings in our country? Yes, I am aware that is why gas prices are low." 
And he just laughs. At my anger. 
"Crimany." I said. 
My way of signaling that the conversation was officially over, and yes, I was still irritated.
Michelle, Nick & I were discussing songs we liked.
Michelle starts singing one song,
"As long as you la-la-la-la-la-love me.."
Me: "Oh, I LOVE that song."
Nick: "Me too."
Michelle: "I think it's a Justin Bieber song."
Me: "...seriously? Damnit."
Nick: "Yeah, that's not good."
Something really funny happened to Matt and I the other day and I said to him,
"this is totally going on my blog."
And then I forgot what it was.
I have added another show to the long list of TV series I already watch.
Breaking Bad
This one I can blame on Matt.
He's been watching it on Netflix, and at first I was irritated because he started watching it without me and I was just bored every time he turned it on.
But then I got hooked.
So he caught me up.
We watched like 7 episodes last night.
I also forgot to tell you all I got another tat.
Yeah, I'm a heathen, I know.
It turned out pretty sweet.
But MAN, did that hurt.
Holy balls.
That was karma's way of telling me, "this is permanent, you know. just want you to remember that."
But I love it.
This weekend we're going on a "camping" adventure.
I put camping in quotes for a reason. Mainly because it's not camping.
It's basically just driving a large trailer into the woods and sleeping there.
Love it, nonetheless.

I have nothing interesting to add. I hope you all have a spectacular weekend.

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