Friday, November 30, 2012

catch phrase fiasco

Yesterday we were playing catch phrase with Michelle & Nick.
I was trying to describe "Easter Bunny" to Matt.

Me: "Ummm...okay, [That's how I start out every clue, by default. For unknown reasons.] this is the holiday we celebrate the day Jesus rose from the dead."
Matt: "Christmas?!"
Which shows you how religious we are. 
Me: "NO, what the hell is wrong with you?! Keep guessing!"
Matt: "Easter?"
Note that he's still answering in question form. 
Me: "Right, okay so this is a small animal that hops. [he remains silent] Your dad always jokes that I try to run these over! [still silent, the clock is ticking faster now and my speech has escalated to 100 mph]
Matt: [quietly] Panda?
Me: "You are TERRIBLE at this! OH, I know! It's like the Easter Mascot!"
Matt: "The Easter bunny?"
Me: "Yes, dear God. I'm done."

This was how it went the entire game. He's just terrible at catch phrase.
 But when Michelle & I are on a team, we dominate. 
True story. 

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