Monday, October 29, 2012

Neewollah 2012

 It's become official that I am the "family photographer."
This is regardless of the fact that I don't wholly know what I'm doing.
But the family seems to enjoy the pictures, so I'm going to pretend that my amateur knowledge of photography is perfectly acceptable.
For the moment, anyway.

This weekend we traveled to Independence, KS for the Neewollah celebration.
A little back-story on Neewollah and Indy:

  • Neewollah is Halloween spelled backwards.
  • My brother was born there in 1994.
  • Sis & I used to sell lemonade on the corner of our neighborhood.
  • During our time there, my love of The Lion King escalated to the point where I sang "I just can't wait to be king" at my first grade talent show, in a Lion King shirt. I was awesome.
  • The parade is epic, lasting a ridiculous two hours. 
  • Bands come from all around the state to march and participate in the marching competition that is held at the local park.

I had a hay-day with all the foto-ops that presented themselves seamlessly.
 OE was snug as a bug in a rug.

This will be the last year for us to watch my broski march in the festival.
Actually, this was the last time ever.

I cried a little when it was over.
Silently, so I wouldn't be judged for being the ultimate band groupie.
 They're weird.
Senior year.
Brings back memories.
 Annnnnd, before I start getting teary-eyed again, I'm going to move on.

We got home late, late on Saturday night, but we all stayed up to watch SNL regardless of the hour.
When I finally went to bed, I crashed.
I can't tell you how exhausting it is taking pictures all stinking day.
Okay, I can tell you, since I just did, but whatever. You get the point.
It's a lot of work. But it's fun!

So I continued on the next morning to take pics of the love of my life in his Halloween costume.
My nephew:
I know. It's overwhelming how adorable this is.
Hubs was making fun of me last night as I stared at the pictures and was just cracking up.

If these don't make you smile, it's possible that you don't have a soul.
So you should probably get that checked out.


In other news, I got the craft room unpacked last night.
It took a couple of hours, but it was one thing on my list that I had to get done. I've got pending projects galore, and I needed supplies.

I've got a goal this week to get the upstairs rooms in order so I can get pictures up for you guys. I'm dying to show you all the new place.
We'll see if that actually happens.


You may notice the watermark in the lower left corner of my pictures.
I've got approximately 21 different water marks.
I can't decide which one to put on there.

I don't want people being all, "you're not good enough to consider yourself a real photographer." But, at the same time, I have made money on this venture, so I would reply to them with the word "lies."

So I asked Matt last night what name he liked best for my photography "business."
Mallory Justine photography
M Justine Photography
MJ Photography

I like the last one best, obviously. It's quite simple and I like simple.
Justine is my middle name, by the way. In case you hadn't figured that out.

I dunno. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions for names?
I'm terrible at this.


  1. love these pics and those kids are adorable!
    ps. just nominated you for the Liebster award!

  2. Love these pics! You are a photographer!


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