Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Photo Show & Tell

Goooood morning, beautiful people.

This week's photo show & tell features my ever-handsome brother. 
The theme for this week is "Joy."

There are MANY things that bring me joy, but it's safe to say that watching my little bro rock it in the school marching band is on the top of that list. 
Seriously, I nearly cry [still] every time I see him in a parade.
It's pathetic. 

I'm so proud of him! I always wanted to be in band, but I lacked the skills necessary to do so. 
Like...I don't know...playing an instrument? 
That one is a necessity.

So, I'm living my dream through him instead.
Small Things with Love
Looking SO forward to Neewollah & making it to a home football game this year!
Anyway, lots of exciting things happening this weekend, peeps. I'll have a buttload of posts next week, which are sure to be filled with pictures! Yay!

Stay awesome.


  1. Our little brother is so handsome and awesome! We raised him well.

  2. Great shot! I love a parade! Joining you from small things.

  3. Going to the homecoming football game tonight! Not gonna lie. It's my first time back at SHS since graduation. I'm a sad person. But I'm excited to see my 2 cousins in the band!


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