Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Warrior

I had probably the most productive weekend I've had in a looooong time.

My sis-in-law just closed on her VERY FIRST house. 
Totes exciting.
[yeah, I said totes. no-judgey]

Before we moved all her stuff in, she wanted to de-wallpaper and paint.

So Saturday morning I got up at 8:30
[because I'm old and my internal alarm hates me], 
cleaned the house for a showing later that day, and left around 11:30 to help paint.

Turns out that even though she called Thursday, the electric & water companies took their sweet-ass time and decided not to turn on her utilities.

We were waterless & airconditioningless.

The weekend forecast that may or may not have been edited for dramatization.
A summary of this weekend's weather:
100% chance of effing hot and effing humid.

Thankfully we got buckets of rain on Saturday. 
Though, even when the rain stopped,
we didn't really notice because it was so incredibly humid.
It became hard to distinguish whether or not you were actually...under water.

On a positive note, I sweat my butt off both days
so the pizza we grazed on all of Sunday didn't make me feel as bad. 

Okay, so now that I've described the weather to you in detail, you can fully appreciate all that we did on Saturday and Sunday in said conditions.

First we had to de-wallpaper.

MIL had this great recipe for getting paper off the wall: fabric softener & water.
 And I left smelling...
okay, I still left smelling pretty bad, but I think the fabric softener helped in the grand scheme of things.

 And can I just say that if I ever track down the idiot who invented wallpaper, I'm going to capture and punish them accordingly. 
It will probably involve spackling them to a wall and beating them repeatedly with a roll of their genius invention, just out of spite. 

Once that was done, the rest was cake.
I was delegated the ceiling edges because I could do it freehand without taping them off. 
 Believe me, one less step in a project like this was well worth it.

We worked and sweat and trimmed and got a ton of stuff done.

Afterward, we rewarded ourselves with a shower and, later, an entertaining, allbeit wildly expensive, dinner at Daimaru Japanese steakhouse. 
Totally worth it.

Sunday rolled around too quickly. We had another open house that we would later come to find out had no visitors [super awesome], so M&I had to get up early to clean. After, we headed straight to the house to pick up where we left off the day before.

By the end of the day I felt like I could officially add "badass ceiling edger" to my resume.
Because, ya can't hurt.

We left, I could barely move & felt like I had to turn my whole body when I wanted to look around [my neck took a beating].  Our realtor had called & said someone wanted to see our house. I said something along the lines of "hell yeah" when she asked. This meant our cleaning that morning wasn't null & void. 

I waited around 45 minutes at D&J's, then took the animals and headed home.
I was pulling up to our house as they were leaving, so I knew they had been there a while [good news]. They had a KU license plate on the front of their car...I liked them immediately.
And I liked them even more later when they submitted an offer. 

To say that I was elated
is a complete and utter
 I felt like someone had just given me a free pony.
[note to self: befriend a rich person who's willing to give away ponies]

 I quickly showered, threw on comfy clothes, & headed back over to D&J's for dinner.


Just ask my mother. That was the worst part of putting our house on the market, and I bitched about it accordingly.

So now, [much to my mother's relief, I'm sure] all I have to do is pack up our entire house.

Oh well. Now, I can actually be excited  about our new place!
In my head, I was pretending that we weren't going to actually move there, so as to not be disappointed later if someone put an offer on it and we had to give it up.

I get to pick out paint colors & plan where stuff's going to go & live in a cute cul-de-sac...
YAY! :)

Save for the actual move itself [and the whole bank thing], the crappy part is over.
We're done with negotiations, and let's face it - that shiz can get awkward.

So, to summarize:
my weekend ROCKED.

Hope yours was just as productive and exciting.
If not...sorry for bragging.


  1. Yayyyyy! Nothing like the relief of 1)receiving an offer and 2) not having to go through all that ...stuff...everyday! I still don"t know where you are moving to....message me or email or something! Congrats to you! and congrats to Michelle too! Exciting!

    1. I will send you the link to the new's pretty snazzy! :)

  2. Wow! You DID have a productive weekend! I totally agree with you about the inventor of wallpaper. I'm convinced that No One who chooses to place wallpaper in their house nowadays has EVER had to take it down before. Nightmare on Elm Street. Glad it all worked out in the end though :-)


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