Monday, August 20, 2012

Lessons from a Nomad

Alright, I'm just going to come out and say it.
We're moving again.

Take a few seconds to process this information.




Alright, ya good?
 Collected your thoughts?

Here's the story:
we want something smaller, plain & simple.
We'd like to travel while we don't have kids.
And go on shopping sprees.
And mainly, worry less.

Life's too short to worry about stupid stuff like money.
It's also too short to care what people think.

At the beginning of last week, I was embarassed to even tell people.
Seriously, the last thing I want to do is freaking move again.
I do not find pleasure in packing up all of my shit & hauling it to a different location two miles down the road.
Believe me.
Especially every two years.
But, I do believe that happiness is the one and only thing I care to worry about.
So..I decided not to give a flying pony about what other people think.
They don't pay our mortgage.
 With that said, M & I have practically become professionals when it comes to home-buying and moving.
We've lived in Salina for four years now and this will be our third house.
Good God, it's exhausting just typing that.
Since we have such experience, we've learned a few things along the way.
For instance, it's not wise to put off the tasks you want to do until you decide to put your home up on the market. That leads to a giant list filled with stuff you were putting off simply because the thought of actually doing those things made you want to just...take a nap instead.

Also, it is a royal pain in the ass having to wake up early every morning to ensure that your house is spotless juuuuust in case someone might want to look at it that day.

And it's possible that your claws might come out during the price negotiations with a potential buyer and/or seller.


So Matt and I woke up with the peacocks [inside joke] and started cleaning on Sunday morning. 
Waking up at 8 am was a mistake.
I should've woken up at 6.
We were literally sweating our asses off working until 12:47 and the open house started at 1. 

It was an entertaining 5 hours.
First off, we had to get the animals out of there to...[a-hem] the place.
We got Maggie & Dex into the car fine. 
Maggie likes riding in the car. I think she might be half-dog.
Lucy, on the other hand - you know, the super cat? - yeah, she wasn't so easy to grab.
She's a speedy little turd.
I truly wish someone would've been there to film this debacle because I'm certain we could've been youtube sensations. 


Scene: Our kitchen
Characters: Matt, Lucy, & I
Matt: "Here Lucy-loo! I've got kitty treats for you!"
[spreads snacks on kitchen floor, Lucy runs in]
At this point, Matt inches closer to her, slowly, in a ninja-like fashion.
But she's no dummy. Lucy sprints away, and Matt, in an attempt to grab her, falls face first into the hard wood floor, Lucy barely escaping his grasp.
Suddenly, Lucy changes paths and barrels toward me. In a moment of panic, I chase her and dive face first onto the kitchen floor, but she narrowly escapes!
Matt and I proceed to laugh until tears fall.
After that masquerade, we decided to let her be for a little while so she can collect her thoughts.
We took the animals that didn't give us bruises on our knees to Doug & Jo's.
On the way out of our neighborhood, I  say to Matt "Oh snap, I forgot my phone.." but decided it didn't matter and kept driving.
Not 30 seconds later, we hear a kuh-thunk! on the roof & it dawns on me: perhaps, while I was trying to keep the animals in the car, I set my phone on the roof and then...forgot about it.
Matt proceeds to get out of the car and run Forrest Gump-style into traffic and pick up all the pieces.
[he's my hero]
Amazingly enough, the phone survived with minimal consequence. Save for a cracked camera and a bent-frame, it's still in working order after doing a barrell-roll off a vehicle driving 49 mph.

Like I said, I really wish someone would've been there to film these moments.
M & I make a pretty legit team.
We both worked our butts off to get things done and it paid off in the end.
Unfortunately we didn't have any offers after the open house, but it's not even on MLS yet, so I feel like it hasn't really had a chance. 
We have a contract on another house with a contingency that our house sell first. So this ball can't get rolling until we sell.
Here's the house we have a contract on - 

I don't really consider it a "downgrade" because it's a really freaking nice house. 
That's it. There's my update, kids.
Now, I must work. 


  1. I seriously was cracking up at work. You have great voice in your writing! Hilarious.

    1. glad I could supply you with some entertainment! ;)

  2. Oh moving...sounds like my MIL. She literally moves like every 2-3 years (no joke). And this last time, she moved 8 houses down..yes 8! People that were coming to my baby shower two weekends ago were very confused! HA! :)

  3. New house looks great! Where is it? Also, very sound planning, financially!

    1. Thanks, DuAnn! It's on piercy court, behind that big catholic church right off South ohio.


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