Friday, August 31, 2012

Funny Fridays

Last night I went to bed early because I was exhausted. 
It was early for me but it was the same time Matt goes to bed every night, so for once we were actually going to bed at the same time. 

I turned over toward my night stand to turn on my "sleep better" app on my phone.
It's got ambient noises like oceans, waterfalls, rain, & thunder to help "soothe" you to sleep.
Ideally, anyway.

There's also some really weird noises, as Matt and I found out last night.

I turned on a mixture of "summer rain" and "thunderstorm."
And then Matt, watching me do this, suggested I also include "whale song."
This "soothing tune" sounds kind of like a mixture of Chewbacca and a friggin' Elk in heat.
Maybe throw in a little pterodactyl for good measure.

So naturally, I started laughing like an idiot.

You know that kind of laugh where you're laughing so hard, you stop making noise?
And you're afraid you might stop breathing?
And you kind of flail your arms because you're not really sure what to do and that you might just up and die?

It was that kind of laughing.

I turned off the whales because I just couldn't take it anymore, 
and then I accidentally hit "owl hoot". 
Dear God.

The laughter only got worse from there.
Not the most relaxing way to try to fall asleep, but I managed.
Plus,  it was totally worth it.

The end.
Well, children - I got up again for yoga this morning.
I was a little more irritated because my internal alarm blindsided me and woke me up 3 minutes before my alarm.
Nothing sucks worse than that, I tell yah.
Those last few minutes of sleep are the most precious.

I considered, once again, shutting off that confounded alarm and going back to sleep.
But I said to myself, "nope, you'll be super disappointed if you break your 18-days-to-a-habit already."
So off I went. 

I was early, which was awkward. I was the only one there for a good 10 minutes.
Just me and the instructor.
For 10 minutes, in the dark, listening to celtic music.
[insert awkward silence now]
I sort of just stared at the ground in an attempt to make better, but I really think that plan backfired on me.
It was worth a shot, though.

 Ohhhh well. At least I went. 

image credit
I did this pose today.
I'm sure I looked this graceful, too.

My run last night was swell...
Sorry, wrong word; it was SWELTERING.
As in 95 degrees. At 6 pm.
[Seriously, it's almost September, Mother Nature. Get it together.]

I took a freezing cold shower when I got home and my face was still  beat red for an hour afterward.
But I got in 2 miles - DONE, son.

My abs hurt.
And legs, and arms, and...well, just about everything.
I'm already feeling much more energetic and not as crabby so I'm doing something right.

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic labor day weekend.
I know I will. 
Lots of packing to do.
Oh boy.. ;)

Stay awesome.


  1. Insert applause here! Good for you, Miss Mallory! All this work is going to pay off! Hope you have a great holiday weekend, despite packing!

    1. Thanks, DuAnn! I certainly hope it will pay off!


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