Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekend Fun

Hello all!
Happy Tuesday to you. I hope you had a spectacular weekend. 
I did.
Not to rub it in your face if yours was lackluster.
Just wanted to let you know.

 Friday night, I went to the races with the guys.
It's an annual thing, but it was the first time I've ever gone.
I got some good fotos. 
Head on over to my other blog to see the rest of them -

 Saturday, a couple of my BF's came to town allll the way from Topeka.
We had so much fun.
Well, at least, I did...so hopefully they did too. 
I took them on the 10-minute tour around Salina,
which included lunch at my favorite restaurant, Martinelli's,
and a couple of beers at our favorite bar & grill, Speakeasy.

 Pretty sure we annoyed the bar tender with our giggling & girl talk, but ohhh well.
We gave him a hefty tip for being such a good sport. 

 After they left, I hung out with the guys some more since Michelle, Nick, & Jo were out of town. We played cards and ate pizza - very fun. 

And Sunday I spent most of the day making bats. 
It was a great weekend, and pretty relaxing.

Tonight, I'm having more visitors, which will result in more pictures of Max. So prepare yourself for that cuteness. 

Saturday is another girls night in Manhattan with a different set of gal pals - 
I feel spoiled right now!
 This much fun with friends should not be allowed! :) 

So I'll update you with more pictures soon and in the meantime, keep checking for new recipes/fotos/DIY projects on MK Creations.

Farewell, bloggers!

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