Monday, July 2, 2012

Two thumbs up

I mentioned in yesterday's long-overdue update that while I was on the mend I watched a ton of movies.

What I should have been doing was reading
[since it tends to feed the mind a bit more than staring at a television screen]
but the pain meds had me nodding off as it was and reading a book was sure to triple the chances of that happening. 

Matt got us a Netflix account a couple months back,
which I thought was completely unnecessary at first
but am now quickly realizing it is 

Because I can get online and sort through old movies
that are complete treasure and that I haven't seen in..
..well a long time.

And enjoy them yet again.

A tragic tale of a man just trying to make enough to support his family
that ends in just the best of ways
and also makes you cry.
A lot.
Never have I wanted a character to succeed so badly.


that takes you on a mind-bending fictional experience
while still making you feel like you're watching a real-life story.

And then you remember that the kid who plays Peter
[ 'ya know, the kid from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory & August Rush?]
 is now TWENTY years old
and looks like this:
 which makes you old.

But then, you put on
and realize it no longer matters
because you got to see Ryan Reynolds shirtless
[and that just makes everything better].

When you're done gawking at that beautiful specimen, you move on to
 a truly depressing Nicholas Sparks movie
that makes you want to drown Rachel McAdams
-not because she's overbearingly gorgeous
or because she whines a lot -
but because
when Channing Tatum tells her that he's her husband

Are you out of your mind?!

Seriously, if I could've reached through the TV to whack her with every one of my overly-medicated limbs, I would have done it.

So to quit thinking about how you want to harm a fictional character, you choose a comedy. 
Such as
a hilarious flick based loosely on an old TV show [apparently]
that includes
-but isn't limited to-
hilarious quips
overly-done action sequences
and more Channing Tatum action.
You just can't go wrong with that combination.

And because one comedy wasn't enough,
you throw in
just for good measure.
Because who doesn't love a good show about a teacher
- who really shouldn't be allowed around children at all, let alone educating them -
who somehow cheats the system,
tries to get into Justin Timberlake's pants,
and then ends up with Jason Segel?
Also hilarious.

But, let's face it - the comedies can only go so far.
So while you're sitting around thinking about all the rest of the crap you're dealing with,
you toss in some depressing dramas.

No worries - they have good endings.
Take, for instance,
 a story about a man who loses his
and money
in one day
all while being a raging alcoholic.

Not so good for the sobriety, those things.

So he lives in his front yard.
Clearly the best [and only] option.
But luckily he turns his life around and all is well.

I love Will Ferrell. Adore him.

And one movie with him in it just wasn't enough.
Which is why I opted for
A brilliant dark comedy
with a fantastic cast
and a similarly awesome storyline.

Who knew WF could play such a great IRS auditor?
Not I. Not I. 

 Great flick, but it was time to go back to movies with attractive leads who also have amazing abs.

So I chose this gem next,
 but the DVD didn't work.
Sad face. :(
We're talking
type of sad face.

Luckily I had this treasure in store
Probably my favorite movie of the week.
I'd heard of it, but never seen it.
but again, a super swell story and awesome ending.

On a side note: I think as a rule, he should just refrain from wearing shirts at all
I'm sure he lives in California.
It's warm there. 
Shirts are really just a hassle.

Luckily by this time, my second copy of 17 Again had arrived and I got to watch it anyways.
Zac Efron, Matthew Perry, and Leslie Mann?
Yes, please.

And it just so happened that I had another movie on my cue that also starred the beautiful Z.E.
[I swear I'm not stalking him..]

and also a crapload of other A-list celebs.
Which explains why the plot-line was a B at best;
because they spent all of their money on the oh-so-popular-group of hot-shots.

Much unlike
that mananged to pull together a whole bunch of great actors
with beautiful British accents
and still came up with a oober-popular dramedy with a heart-warming message at the end.

And when you're freaking sick of sitting on your butt all day
watching old movies that you've seen a hundred times,
you can call your little & go see a heartwarming Disney flick like this one:
I LOVED this movie.
It made me laugh, cry, and smile all in an hour and 40 minutes.

 Not to mention, it was a great story for Kenz because it was about
a girl who refused to marry a dude
her family told her to marry
because she wanted to be independent
and fall in love on her own accord.
*big breath*
What a great message for young gals.
You don't need to find a man to be happy.
You be happy, do what you want to do, and then find a dude who suits you.

So, that's my week in a nut-shell.
When I wasn't watching these [and others] I was napping.
Or talking to my pets.

Riveting stuff, eh?

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