Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The List: #14

The list has been on hiatus which was unconsciously done.
Every time I went to think of the next number, I couldn't help but think...what the hell am I going to say?
My self esteem is in the pooper right now so I have been struggling with what I like about myself.
I guess I'm just gonna have to wing it. 

# 14. Describe 5 strengths you have

1. Over-thinking everything.
Street Cred
I know some people would call this a fault - and believe me, sometimes it is - but I think that it has its positive attributes as well.
As a result, I rarely make a decision I haven't beaten with deep consideration. Which is good, right? At least I know I gave good thought to what sandwich I'm wanting in line at Subway.
"I'd like a turkey, 6-inch on wheat"
"And what kind of cheese would you like?"
Oh crap...

2. Strong will
Stubborn, irrational, impossible to deal with - call it what you will, I definitely have it. I'm not about to start an argument about religion or politics [mainly because I just don't care] but hit a soft spot in my heart and I will smack you down with sarcasm or some bull I made up regarding the topic so quick it'll make you think I actually know what I'm talking about. [until you Google it later, at which point it's too late. I've already won]
In regards to college basketball, odds are I actually do know, so it's wise for people to stray from that topic around me if they want to start a bitching match. I will own them.

3. Loyalty
If you're a friend [or even an acquaintance that I like], family member, husband, cousin, nephew - really anyone that I know and love, you better bet that you'll have me on your side. There will be no gossiping, shit-talking, or complaining about you from other people in my presence without a battle of words going down. It's not cool to do that. I have the decency to not talk about the people in your life that I despise, so show me the same courtesy.

I know it's sounding like I'm a really cranky/confrontational person right now, but I'm not, I promise. Just when someone pushes my buttons. I have a soft side. I swear.

4. Kindness
I was raised by the sweetest people on the planet.
How could you NOT love them?
My whole family are the type of people who 

apologize when they should be apologized to
laugh when they should scream
thank when they should be thanked
care when they shouldn't
feel sorry when they should gloat

so it's no surprise that I do a lot of these things more often than I should. You call me for a favor? I will end the conversation by saying "Thanks!"....why?! It makes no sense. And I'm not sure if that's kindness or just a force of habit. But, as a rule, I am kind to people if they are kind to me. There's no need to be malicious for no reason. [I'm sorry, these rules don't apply on the road. That's not my fault..] I feel like smiling at a stranger is something that might accidentally turn someone's day around. Or telling someone they dropped their money rather than just taking it. With all the bad in our world, it's nice to throw some kindness out there once in a while.

5. Random
You may or may not have noticed that I make weird comments here and there, and that I have a very odd sense of humor. Most of that stems from my sister and I growing up together and us and all of our friends being incredibly weird.
"Oh sis, we're so hilarious." "I know, we should have our own TV show."
But we were awesome, so it didn't matter much. Catch me on any given day and I will undoubtedly be in a different mood than the last time you saw me. Sometimes giddy, sometimes cranky, sometimes super-sarcastic, sometimes itching the funny bone, sometimes quiet - who knows. I think they have a clinical name for that [crazy] but I'm just going to call it "random".
Makes me sound much cooler.

That's that.
Me in a very salty-and-semisweet-nutshell. 
love from your friendly, neighborhood blogger

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  1. I am so glad to be able to describe my friend as a detail-oriented, strong, loyal, kind and crazy woman! Not to mention willing to tackle challenges, capable, smart, funny and very clever! I love to read your blogs! You always make smile and also marvel at how well you write! It's a gift!


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