Sunday, July 1, 2012

Annnnnd I'm back -


Sorry that ^ has been all you've heard from my blog in the last week.

Turns out my surgery was a little more complicated than they had originally thought
so I ended up having to stay overnight at the hospital
and then take this whole last week off work.

Which meant a whole lot of lying around time
where these items ^ became my best pals
and where I got to stare at these beautiful cards & flowers
and I began talking to my cats & dog a lot more than is probably socially acceptable..

But while I was just lying around I did happen to get some crafting done.

For instance,
I sold 8 bats last week.

That's a lot of bats.

And for some reason they were all 
long names.

I have officially sold the city of Salina out of
Louisville Sluugger bats
wooden letter "T"s.

And last week, I bought this beaut off of Buy Sell & Trade for my craft room
And painted it white to match the decor.
 So basically all I had to do with this while I was incapacitated [and under the influence of pain meds] was throw another coat of paint on it. 

Cute, no? 

I'm bored.
I have never - in my life - laid around this much.

Don't get me wrong, I could get used to this whole
sit around all day watching movies and crafting thing
but I would also weigh 300 pounds
and talk to animals..

Instead, I think I'll just go back to work.

Yeah, that sounds good.

 So the blog updates will resume as soon as I get back to my normal schedule.
Expect some movie reviews
A ridiculous amount of 4th of July photos
and the next number on The List

Now we return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Stay excellent.

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  1. Glad you are doing well! I have missed you! And you have probably just made it under the wire for what is considered normal pet conversation and a bonafide wackadoo! I am always impressed with ALL you get done! Looking forward to your thoughts, movie reviews etc.!


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