Friday, June 15, 2012

Moving Target

*Please excuse the language. I feel a rant coming on...*

Lord have mercy. 

The accident bug has hit again.
[pun intended]

Let me backup....

Yesterday I was crafting after work [blog to follow] and I ran out of painter's tape. 
Since this item was top on the list of things I needed for this particular craft, I was forced to go to the hardware to retrieve more. 
Whilst attempting to flee the hardware, I was struck by a man who apparently doesn't find it necessary to look behind him [or in his rear-view] before he pulls out of a parking space.

I know, right?
Car-driving 101. 

I was finished backing out of my parking spot and was just putting the car into drive when he hit me. I saw it coming, so I was trying to do it as fast as possible, but apparently my brain and my legs were not on the same page.

And then
he hits the back end of my car.
Strike that,
he hits the back of
my parents' car.

[I drove the trailblazer home last week to haul some bar stools back to Salina.]

So I'm thinking

Of course this happens to me.

It's been a long-standing joke that I have a target glued to the back of every car I drive.

Here's a run-down of all the accidents I've been in since I started driving.

16 years old - Driving: Daewoo - hit a truck from behind because I was stupid and thought he had already gone. Turns out this is the only wreck I have been in that has been my fault. There was no damage to his car, only mine.

2006 - driving: Daewoo - hit from behind by a soccer mom at a stop light. Not my fault.

2006 - driving: Daewoo - hit from behind at a stoplight by a college kid who wasn't paying attention. Daewoo totaled, bought Ford Focus.

2007 - driving:  Ford Focus - hit head-on on the highway by some douche who "had his mind on other things." Focus totaled, bought Saab.


2008 - driving: Saab - just about to TRADE IT IN [that day] for a brand new Honda Civic when I got trapped in the middle of a rear-ending fest in JoCo while leaving class at JCCC. Not totaled, just worth less now. Super awesome. Bought my Civic that day.

2009 - car parked at the mall; hit & run. Later traded my civic for a sweet Acura TL.

2010 - year free of accidents
2011 - traded TL for the clown car
2012 - driving my parents trailblazer to Salina for the first time EVER and I get hit in a parking lot.

Now, granted, things could've been a lot worse.
Such as - we could've been driving over one mile per hour.
So there's that.

But that doesn't make it any less annoying, let me tell you. Especially since we're essentially dealing with 3 insurance companies [mine, my parents & old dude's], which makes it that much more fun. 

So as I'm talking to the insurance lady this morning
she says to me,
 "now, our agent tells us that you two were pulling out at the same time." 
*virtually punch this lady in the throat*
"Um, no. I had already pulled out of my spot when he rammed into me." 
"Okay, well an adjuster will be in contact with you in the next few days."
Whatever lady. Let the shit-storm ensue.

Because if this lady thinks I'm paying my deductible for this moron's stupid mistake, she is freaking high. 
Over my dead body.

And fortunately all the experiences I have listed above have made me incredibly wise in the car-getting-hit department. 

Because as I'm walking away from getting dude's information, he says to me:
 "Sorry about that. I didn't even see you."
 Rookie mistake.

Oh...gee wiz, I'll be nice and won't use that against him.

*Please note, I am not typically this turbulent, but quite frankly I'm at the end of my rope in the car-accident department, so this is just a bit o' venting. Carry on.*


  1. This happened to me except I got "Oh, where you backing up too?"....No I had already backed out. Thanks. Ugh!!


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