Thursday, June 21, 2012

The life of a perpetual redecorator

 Good morning, beautiful people.

Today is my Friday because as of tomorrow morning
I will be under anesthesia
and under the knife
yet again.

No bigs, just a basic last-minute surgery, similar to the one I had in February.

As I've been in pain all week, I've been unable to...well, move much.
So I took advantage of my dilemma and decided to craft!

A couple weeks ago my parents made the trip to Salina to come get a bedroom set to put in their new [giant] house. 
Which left a room empty upstairs.

Eventually it's going to be a nursery
but until we get to that point, it's going to be empty.
And I thought to myself...
well that's just a waste. 

So, naturally, I moved my craft room
the stairs.

And into the empty room.

Which meant...more crafting.
For my craft room.

To start, I wanted to put up some curtains.
And I'm in love with the pale blue/red color scheme.

So I took to Pinterest and found a few sets of DIY instructions.
 I got out my tape measure and put a mark at 5", then 10", then 5" and 6", then back to 5" and 10", so on and so forth.
And then I applied painters tape [this is the project that caused me to go to the hardware to get more tape, resulting in yet another wreck]. 
 I got the paint at HL. For these thin strips, I used two small things of acrylic paint. I mixed in a little water to the paint to make it thinner. And I just used a foam brush to apply the paint.
[Maggie used it as a fort]
Now at first, I was using our dining room table - I covered the whole table in cling wrap to protect it from paint that would inevitably bleed through the other side. 
Let's just say that didn't work well. 
At all.
 So on the second curtain, I went out and bought a tarp and this way, I wouldn't have to move the curtain at all mid-way through the painting process [this caused a lot of mess-ups and paint getting on areas of the curtain that it didn't belong].

The red took a lot more paint, but I just bought two of the biggest size bottles of acrylic they had at HL and mixed in quite a bit of water. 
Too much water on the second one, in my opinion, because it bled through the painter's tape a little on the edges.
There are a ton of screw-ups on them, but overall, I really really like them. 
1) because it took a lot of work, so I don't really have a choice of whether or not I like them. 
2) because it gives them character
and 3) because no one else will have these curtains.

Anyway, back to my new craft room.

I went out and bought another table
and a folding chair.

I hate these tables because they're so ugly, but they're going to get paint, glue, glitter and all sorts of other crap on them, so I'm not worried about it. 
 I got these flowers at Target and bought spray paint to paint just a few of them as accents.
I'm in search of a piece of furniture that can be repainted to sit up against this wall.
I think that would help fill the room a little more.

Right now it kind of just looks like I am storing this stuff there for now. 
 The shelves on the wall started off as black
 and after a coat of primer & then a few coats of spray paint..
they turned out pretty awesome! 

The frames I had lying around. I spray painted those red and

I hung a ribbon from the door to hold all of the barrettes I had lying around.

  And made a sad attempt at organizing my closet. 
The hanging rack on the left is a shoe rack I found at Wal-mart. I'm going to buy another one of those. I quickly ran out of space in it.
I must say, it's SO nice to have more space for all of my crap.
AND to just have more work space. 

It's not all that fancy,
but it's totally me, so that's all that matters.

Because let's face it, I'm not a fancy person.

 Oh, and I made this last night too:

So happy Friday Thursday to you all! I'm sure I'll have a million more projects to share with you from this weekend since I'll just be lazing around.

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