Friday, May 4, 2012

Shelving fiasco & DIY Misc.

I did about a hundred things last night
and all of them at the same time.

Seriously I looked like a crazy person running around.
From the garage, to the kitchen, to the freezer, to the microwave, to the living room, back to the kitchen, then again to the garage...

It was a workout in itself.

I had many projects to get done:
Laundry                             [   ]  
Clean out car                       [   ]    
Wedding shower gift          [X]   
Max Bat (sold on Etsy)      [X]   
Tackle the shelf                  [X]   

The wedding shower is this weekend so I can't post that yet, but I have it all ready to go for Monday. 
In the meantime, I've done some work on the shelves.
First up: NYC letters

I bought the letters at HL and they just so happened to be half off [score!]. 
They were 2.49 a piece @ half off
total cost: $3.75
 Then I bought metallic spray paint [also half off, double score!]
and sprayed the crap out of those letters.
 I didn't wear a mask.
Rookie mistake.
 A half an hour later [flew by, what with the fumes and all..]
they were dry & ready to be put on my awesome bookshelf.

Next up:
Picture frames
 I bought this black metallic spray paint as well.
I wanted to paint all of my photo frames the same color so they looked somewhat coordinated. 

 After moving things around a hundred times, 
tweaking tiny things,
moving things around again,
asking Matt what looked better,
staring at the shelves for another hour,
and finally deciding that I was too tired to care anymore,
I settled for this.
And, yes, those are all Harry Potter books [and a sales book]. 
They were the only hard covers I had.
Plus they're just awesome, let's be honest.

The flowers were a no-go.
Thanks to a wonderful suggestion from my mutha, they are now outside on my outdoor table looking incredibly bright & in their element.
[fake flowers still like being outside. they have feelings too, you know]

I'm sure I'll add more crap & move stuff around relentlessly, but I'm satisfied for now.

And Holy permanent marker, it's FRIDAY already!!![?]

I can't believe it.

A trip to Topeka is in store for me this weekend for my friend's wedding shower and [hopefully] for Max's reveal. 

I have my bag packed, just in case.

Tonight I'm going to try to tackle that whole laundry thing.
I don't foresee that going well.


  1. Love it all...especially the bookshelf. Please tell me I can purchase it somewhere & it wasn't a weekend DIY project you tackled.


  2. definitely didn't tackle *that* project. I bought the bookcase on, but I think they're out of stock. Target has it, though.|10503751&CPNG=furniture&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=10503751


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