Thursday, May 17, 2012

A post about nothing.

Things I've thought about on this uneventful Thursday:

I'm hungry. I want Taco John's. Nope, can't get Taco John's because the attractive Cessna employees are all over there in line and will judge me for eating food that is absolutely terrible for me.

This shirt is awful. These pants suck. I wish I could wear workout clothes at work...

Maybe I'll go to step class tonight.
Or maybe I'll go home and take a nap..


Megh and I are hilarious. We should write a book.

People should really check their spelling before posting something on Facebook. 

This exercise ball as a chair is officially the worst idea in the history of time.

YAY, my new disc came in! I shall throw this later.

Speaking of disc...I totally sucked it up on the course yesterday.

I need to run. And stop eating.

Pandora is making poor music choices today. This station is God-awful.

It's effing hot outside.

Ugh. I have to pack tonight.

 I'm incredibly tired. It's cool to sleep at work, right?

WHY do I read comments on the internet EVER?!

I wish I were playing Draw Something right now......


  1. When do you want to start our New York Times Best Seller? Also, text me your Draw Something username!

  2. We should probably start soon. No need to postpone something so awesome.


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