Thursday, May 10, 2012

The List: #12

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

Warning: Prepare to be bored

7:00 am - Alarm clock on my phone goes off. My phone's sitting right beside my left ear [yeah, I have to sleep on my stomach] on my nightstand that is littered with books I may or may not read, a lamp that I constantly knock over, cup rings, a TV remote, and reading glasses [because I'm old].
7:10 am - Alarm clock goes off again. I hit snooze last time.
7:20 am - "
7:30 am - "
7:32 am - After collecting my thoughts, checking my phone only to find out that absolutely nothing has happened overnight, and deciding that I should probably get up, I head to the bathroom to get ready.
Straighten hair [it looks like I got attacked over night]
Brush teeth
Spray on [too much] moonlight path
-you get the idea
7:50 am - realize that I'm going to be late to work, but fill up my 32 oz water anyway. Let the dog out.
7:52 am - Get all of my crap out to the car.
7:54 am - actually leave for work
8:03 am - arrive at work. Late again..
8:00 - 11:45 am - Work shenanigans which may or may not include the following:
opening mail
operating reports
design store signage
answer phones
check answering machine
sort merchandise
order merchandise
deal with angry customers
the chive
the berry
stumble upon
11:45-1 pm - work at Matt's store for lunch. The manager running the shift decides what they want me to do: present [handing food out the drive thru window], running [bagging up food/putting food on trays for front counter], fries [self explanatory], or leaving early because it's too slow and I'm bored and/or in the way.
1:05 pm - walk back to the office, eat lunch.
1:30-4 pm - more work shenanigans. 
Depending on the day, I go to great life or the Y to work out.
5:40 pm - get home from work and realize I am way too tired to care about dinner.
6:00 pm - Matt asks me what we're having for dinner. I reply angrily that I don't know, nor do I care.
This isn't always the case, but I haven't been terribly prepared as of late, so that's pretty much been the situation.
7:00 pm - turn on Friends, finally decide to make dinner, and proceed to laugh loudly at an episode that I've seen approximately 105 times already whilst cooking.
8:00 pm - muster up the strength to shower
9:00 pm - watch shows on the DVR or read or play on the iPad or craft or play cards.
11:00 pm - sleep.

Rinse & repeat.

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