Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 Yesterday I somehow talked myself out of working out when I was done with work.
So then I felt guilty and thought
I have to do something

There were three boxes sitting in our garage containing furniture we had bought but not yet put together.
So, I dragged the boxes in, turned on Glee, and got to work.

After some coaxing, I finally got Matt to help me.
I think he felt bad for me, actually.

A few examples of why:
What the crap is a CAP LOCK?!
This piece doesn't look at all like the picture.
 Why is my phillips missing from my girl tool box?? You KNOW you're not supposed to go near my tools!

The list goes on.

But he finally joined in. 
Out of both fear and pity.

I had a major issue with this butt ugly bookcase that we made into a component storage unit.
 It didn't match the shelves on the other side and it way too small for all of our stuff. Unfortunately I didn't photograph the "customizations" we did to it, but it involved a lot of sawing and random cutting in multiple places.

This is what we replaced it with:

Naples White Pier Cabinet/Book Case

I found it on, but the shipping was astronomical. I googled Target coupons but had no luck. Then I just googled "Naples white pier cabinet" and got a ton of shopping results for much cheaper prices! is fantastic. I got it for $50 bucks less than Target and free shipping.

For the win. 
It was pretty easy to put together, and it seems very sturdy. Much more so than the previous book shelf we had there. The part that took the longest, honestly, was unplugging all of the GD electronics & plugging them back in.

 I fiddled around with different stuff to put on the shelves.
And moved the shelves to different heights a hundred times.
My [fake] OCD came out to play. A lot. 

Once we finished with the cabinet [which took about 2 hours from start to finish], I was all sorts of riled up. 

I wanted to put together my bookcase.

Matt told me over and over
Just say no
but I managed not to listen.

I also bought this on [my favorite online shopping destination]. 

We [Matt] put up shelves a while back on the other side of the fireplace to balance things out.
But they were really just a temporary fix for me.
I failed to mention that to Matt at the time, but he doesn't need to know everything.
So, he was less than pleased when I took everything off the shelves and moved them as well. I left the brackets on, but those are coming down tonight, more than likely.

My mind is made up.
I like the bookcase there.
Ignore the brackets.
I'll take another picture when I take those down.
  [don't get me started on the bass speaker next to the cabinet. I did not win that battle.]

Okay, so it looks better, right?
If you disagree with that statement, you should probably just keep your thoughts to yourself.
Haha...just kidding!

But seriously.

I sweat my ass off doing this project, so I'm telling myself that HGTV is going to call soon to come take pictures of my amazing design skills.

Actually, that's a lie.
I have absolutely no design skills.
Quite frankly the whole idea of room design bores me to death.
I don't have the patience to look at pictures for hours for inspiration on my house.
Nor do I possess the awesome-at-room-design gene like my cousin, Emmie. [her blog here]

So, here's the thing:
if you're awesome, and do happen to possess the skills to put together a room like a boss and can help me with what crap to put on these shelves, 
dear Lord
share your wisdom with me.

I quite literally just stared at these two pieces of furniture for an hour last night trying to figure out what I wanted to do with them.

I have all sorts of paintings/pictures hanging on the wall of NYC already in there.
And I was thinking that maybe I could buy some metallic & black spray paint and paint the frames I have on there all to one color.
That way they would all match, but would be different sizes & textures.

Some Pinspiration to consider:
 [with NYC] to put on the top shelf of bookcase?

Ugh. See? I just got bored looking for all of this stuff.

So, if you have thoughts, please share them.
My creativity is on the fritz and I can't seem to catch it.

And if you're bored by this stuff too...
well, then I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


  1. Hey Mal! Your new bookcases look great! I would love to help you style them :) And thanks for the shout-out! (but could you fix the spelling? It's Emmie, not Emmy)

  2. I knew that, clearly my mind is just not with it today! :) Let me know if you have any ideas.


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