Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY: Glass Etching

My gal pal is getting married this June so I had to come up with a good idea for her shower gift.

Now, I HATE buying from registries because it seems so impersonal and boring, but I always do because it's the only way to get people stuff they actually want. 
That's pretty important.
Otherwise, they're going to have to pretend they like something they actually hate.

Oh gee whiz, thanks so much for the Razor Scooter. It's both fun AND practical!

And then they end up with a ton of crap they neither need nor want.

But, thanks to Pinterest, I found this great project to spice up the gift:
Glass etching

It required me to buy the product [Armour Etch] online, but no biggie.
I do that 90 % of the time anyway.

Thank God she had exactly what I planned to use [Pyrex dishes!] on her registry.

I practiced on one of my dishes first, just to see how it would work.
I didn't want to ruin a brand new Pyrex dish.

Her shower was a couple weekends ago, but it just so happened to be the day Mr. Max was born, so I wasn't able to go. I finally got it to her this past weekend at her bachelorette party, so I can actually post this tutorial.

I dare someone to try to take home their dish from a party. ;)

Hope you enjoyed! 

Another update to follow with pics from the party & more of Max. 

Peace out, homies.

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